Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 Cute Retro Look Design

Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 Cute Retro Look Design – Daihatsu Motor Company launches a small car or a new kei car, the Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018. A car that has a 660 cc engine is a replacement for Daihatsu Mira Cocoa. Mira Tocot 2018 will target the urban car user segment and women who are full of style.. Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 has advanced technology such as semi autonomous driving. Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 will be part of the carsharing service program in Japan. Mira Tocot 2018 features retro elements and cheerful users. Modern elements are in the cabin features of the 2018 Daihatsu Mira Tocot. The 2018 Daihatsu Mira Tocot will offset the Honda N One 2017 technology as a car that is not much different in size. A typical Daihatsu display that presents retro and modern elements. Besides that it has a cheerful color, which with a target market targeted by users who are active in the city. The cabin has a two-tone or two tone alloy concept with pastel color. Daihatsu said that the Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 was built on a DNGA architecture platform. Equipped with semi-autonomous features that use three 3D cameras to view pedestrians. In addition, there are technologies that regulate car acceleration when passing on urban roads. Daihatsu Mira Tocot 2018 has a fairly small engine, the 660 cc engine that it carries produces up to 52 hp ……

Autobianchi A111 1972 Famous Design Eccentric

Autobianchi A111 1972 Famous Design Eccentric – Autobianchi produced the A111 for three years, a famous car produced by Autobianchi. This is a reality, where the Autobianchi A111 was never replaced. The Autobianchi A111 has its predecessor, the Autobianchi Primula, as the work of Dante Giacosa in 1969, the Fiat 128. Autobianchi A111 This is not a very interesting car, but its very short career, attractive style and eccentric position enhance it. The Autobianchi A111 made its debut in 1969. In addition there was a difference between the 1972 Autobianchi 1972 and Fiat 128, where the Fiat 128 measured 385 cm in length with a wheelbase of 244.5 cm. Whereas the Autobianchi A111 1972 was longer overall at 402 cm, but shorter between wheels at 236 cm. The autobianchi maintains the low wishbones in Primula with transverse leaves as the upper link. Leaf springs also form the Autobianchi A111 1972 rear suspension. Especially the 1978 Autobianchi A141 has a 1438cc engine with a large enough capacity. Autobianchi A111 1972 Famous Design Eccentric

Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale 1993 Design Elegant Saloon

Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale 1993 Design Elegant Saloon – Vignale Lagonda appeared at the 1993 Geneva exhibition, where many hoped to appear. Maybe it can make the future of the four-door Aston Martin GHIA. Moray Callum designed Lagonda Vignale, which was so “extraordinary”. There is definitely nothing to miss about this big sedan, at least all the grille, high waist, big wheels and sagging tail. Ghia commissioned and displayed the elegant Lagonda Vignale at the 1993 Geneva Saloon. Moray Callum’s exterior design built a rather large sedan built on the Lincoln chassis with an independent Lincoln front. In addition Lagonda Vignale has a strong self leveling rear suspension. Lagonda Vignale engines have engines like the Lincoln Town Car V8 4.6 liter which produce 190bhp, 260 lb / ft. In reality this design does not physically have an Aston Martin Lagonda part that can be identified at all. But, this incredible Lagonda Vignale makes quite a lot of production. Chassis using a mixture made from aluminum. Besides that the suspension must be fully independent and the engine will be a 6.0 liter V12. While these features never make it into Vignale production. Where many features are exactly the same as those found in Vanquish V12. Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale 1993