New Travego 2016 Mercedes-Benz Bus Design Interior Exterior

New Travego 2016 Mercedes-Benz Bus Design Interior Exterior – Travego the master piece that had become worldwide best bus now comes back with a new look after siblings Setra Travego which has made a very significant evolution. New Travego 2016 is the latest product of the new Daimler released in 2016. New Travego has a significant change from the previous Travego version, these changes lies in the headlights a model similar to the Mercedes Benz Actros truck latest. In addition to the other changes the new Travego is located on the front grille which has a fresh appearance and elegant, where the new Travego 2016 have a grill-like models of Mercedes Benz sedan car grill.

Let’s look from the front facenya, looked headlights revamped the total before the lamp model Travego flat horizontal is now a model new Travego 2016 changed the model of curved from top to bottom like the letter L, and the most striking of the face of the new Travego 2016 is on the front grille appears bolder as models of Mercedes benz sedan car grill that gives the impression of luxury with Mercedes benz logo more prominently in the center. Apart from that the model seledang has been updated with a different concept from the previous Travego make food taste totally different from the previous version.

On the side seen something very different look of shawl New Travego 2016 Travego is very different from previous versions. Where seledang 2016 has new Travego design line straight up and then forward to the new retractable rearview and work backwards towards the roof side. And the other striking the wheel fenders are made differently where the front wheel fenders are round coiled like a model on a bus and rear wheel fender got there a little polish to the top line. On the back appears grille for air circulation in the engine radiator shaped like a parallelogram look.

Travego draws the boundaries of the future not only with the advanced technology it offers, but also with its unique design. With a stronger and more dynamic look all eyes will be on you when you are on your way.

Special privileges offered by the new Travego. The new Travego, with an elevated height of 3.99 m and an interior height of 2.100 mm, offers passengers a spacious and comfortable interior. he attractive aerodynamic design contributes to fuel economy. The newly designed character element, front grille, rear engine cover, front and rear lights provide a strong and dynamic identity.

Aluminum alloy rims contribute to saving fuel by reducing the weight of the vehicle with increasing visual richness. The impressive BiXenon headlamps with impressive design contribute to energy efficiency with LED daytime running lights and LED technology rear lights. And also; Easier recognition, better lighting and increased security.

It invites you to the prestige as you enter the car with the lighted Mercedes-Benz shimmering on the entrance.   The rearview camera, which is standard on the new Travego, becomes active when the reverse gear is engaged.     Headrest seats specially designed for the new Travego are topping comfort.

With the newly designed cockpit, dynamism, visual aesthetics and ergonomics come together, creating a holistic elegance. The stylish decor offers both modern comfort and convenience to the driver. The newly designed modern dashboard and color screen adds smell and aesthetics. The buttons with ergonomic and cockpit-compatible design give the driver accessibility and ensure that the driver is in full control.

The comfortable design also reveals itself in the ignition key. The ignition and engine are controlled via a simple two-step Start-Stop button. The Start-Stop button and the new key provide you with aesthetic control with technology. Equipped with an integrated immobilizer system that is also used in passenger cars, the new battery-free switch meets the requirements of the most up-to-date safety standards.

Once you have settled in Travego, you will feel as if you sit on the seat and sit in the front row. Because the flagship of the passenger buses has been made more comfortable for all passengers. The spacious interior design, the extraordinary interior height, the wide package shelves, the high-quality fabrics of the seats and the specially designed side wall fabric make the passengers feel at home.

Type OM 470, Turbo-Intercooler, Euro 6
Number of cylinders and their order 6 Cylinder row type vertical motor
Diameter / Stroke 125 mm x 145 mm
Volume 10.677 cm3
Max. Power 428 PS DIN (315 kW) / 1800 rpm
Max. Rotation Moment 2100 Nm / 1100 rpm
Cooling Electromagnetic concept, water cooled with thermostat
Fuel System X-Pulse pressure amplifier Common Rail
Spraying Pressure 2.100 bar
Clutch Single dry disc, lining wear adjusted
Type MB GO 210 – 6 (servoval)
Maximum Input Torque 2.100 Nm
Gear Adedi 6 + 1
Front Axle
Type ZF RL 75 E independent suspension system
Suspension 2 air blinds, 2 shock absorbers, stabilizer
Capacity 7.000 kg
Rear Axle
Type MB RO 440 Rigid axle
Suspension 4 air blinds, 4 shock absorbers, stabilizer
Capacity 11,000 kg
Transfer Rate 3,154
Steering wheel ZF 8098, hydraulic, height and angle adjustable
Service Brake Double-acting, dry air, automatic lining wear adjustment, front and rear air-cooled disc brakes
Park Freni Effective on rear axle, spring installed
Motor Brake Standard
ABS, ASR Standard
EBS (Electronic Brake System) Standard
BAS (Brake Support System) Standard
ESP (Electronic Stability Program) Standard
SPA (Lane Tracking Assistant) Standard
ABA3 (Active Emergency Brake System 3) Standard
ACC (Adaptive Cruise Stabilizer) Standard
Retarder Voith, the transmission water retarder integrated in the transmission
Tires and wheels 6 + 1 pieces
Rim 8.25 x 22.5
Tire 295/80 R 22.5
Tank 480 lt
Water separator filter
Dimensions and weights
Length 12.295 mm
Width 2,550 mm
Max Height 3.990 mm
Axle Interval 6.090 mm
Front Extension 2.890 mm
Rear Extension 3.315 mm
Internal Height 2.100 mm
Seat Adedi 46 + 1 + 1
Maximum Load Weight 18,000 kg

New Travego 2016 Mercedes-Benz Bus Design Interior Exterior

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