Setra S 516 HDH 2013 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Setra S 516 HDH 2013 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Bus companies in Switzerland and Austria are investing in vehicles from Setra‘s new TopClass S 516 HDH and ComfortClass S 516 HDH generation of touring coaches. For example, “A.N.K. Tours AG” from Muttenz near Basel has added a Setra TopClass 500 touring coach to its fleet. For managing director Hanspeter Niklaus, the three-axle bus is his firm’s very first Setra touring coach and also its new flagship: “I’m sure that this comfortably equipped top-of-the-line vehicle will enable us to attract even more customers to our tours.”

The bus itself is the best means of publicity. A glance into the elegantly designed interior shows that the S 516 HDH more than lives up to the company’s motto “Come touring with us reliably and in comfort”. The luxury bus is fitted out with 46 Voyage Plus leather/fabric seats and an exclusive lounge with table. Above the centre aisle, the large Setra TopSky panoramic glass roof affords a unique view of sun, moon and stars. The vehicle is powered by a fuel-efficient and, with 350 kW, very powerful Euro VI OM 471 engine.

Managing director Hanspeter Niklaus is long familiar with what Setra has to offer: “As a professional bus driver, I got to know the benefits of Setra buses many years ago.” A.N.K Tours AG offers day and holiday tours throughout the whole of Europe as well as tours to wine-making areas. At the request of customers, it also organises transfers to sports or school recreational events.

Setra S 516 HDH 2013 Design Interior Exterior Bus

When you mention the brand Setra association is interesting design and comfort, not to mention just but a luxury, which in turn leads to some further thoughts long journeys. Unfortunately, in real-bus world around us there is no place any of these guidelines. All the more so, a major shift is the fact that it is a reputable manufacturer of buses brought a copy to show it and offered to potential buyers in Serbia. Few of us are surprised, but so far have sold four of which three have already been delivered. The price is around 400,000 euros.

Setra always true for manufacturers who design their bus wants to achieve the ultimate comfort for its passengers and the driver, to provide the highest possible safety and functionality. The aim of the designers setters is that from batch to batch develop authentic design, but it does not thereby lose sight of the traditional look which for years monitored the buses of this brand. Innovation and tradition are two values that are inextricably linked with the brand Setra. It all started so early. tourist bus, which in 1951 produced at the plant in Ulm (Germany), was the model S8, until today, and the model series 500. Known elements Daimler brand from Ulm, like innovation, comfort, economy and security, were transferred and the S 516 HDH, but in a new style.

Setra S 516 HDH 2013 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Model TopClass S 516 HDH was introduced in the fall of 2013 and represents a new generation of buses that puts the focus on design, quality and ecurity and combines top quality equipment with excellent economic indicators. The streamlined shape of this bus is the result of a complex process of development with tests in sealed tunnels, which are located at the factory in Stuttgart. Optimized passes from the front to the side wall, roof and rear end have enabled a significant reduction in noise levels in the TopClass S 516 HDH, and therefore greater comfort for the driver and passengers. The distinctive aerodynamic edges and other details have helped TopClass S 516 HDH gain a leading position in the European industry of buses, but also the leading position in terms of the economy and low life cycle costs.

Technical specifications Setra S 516 HDH 2013
model Setra Top Class S 516 HDH
length 13.325 mm
width 2.550 mm
height 3.880 mm
Wheelbase 6,300 mm / 1,350 mm
Leave 2,890 mm front / rear 2,785 mm
turning circle approx. 21.512 mm
Volume of the tank – tank approx. 520 liters
Volume of the tank – AdBlue approx. 40 liters
trunk volume approx. 11.4 m³
engine OM 471, 375 kW (510 hp), 6 cylinders in line, Euro VI
volume 12.8 liters
torque 2,500 Nm at 1,100 r / min
transfer GO 250-8 (Power Shift 3)
Tires 295/80 R 22.5
The coefficient of drag 0.33
The braking system Electronic Stability Program (ESP), ABS, anti-slip control (ASR), Brake Assist (BAS), Continuous Braking Limiter
Safety systems and help Anti-lock braking system (ABS)   vehicle electronic level control (ENR), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Brake Assist (BAS), ESP incl. ASR disengageable, Lane Assistant, Attention Assist (ATAS), adaptive cruise control with Active Brake Assist (BAS PLUS), additional function Stop-and-Go for adaptive cruise control, Predictive Powertrain

Control (PPC), Eco Driver Feedback driving style assistant

seats 50 + 1 + 1, the rear bench with 4 individual seats, movable armrests integrated in the side of the passage, adjustable backrests, footrests on frames seats, safety belts in   two points on all passenger seats, heating for driver’s seat
Equipment (greater part of the package) multifunctional steering wheel trimmed in leather, glassroof, multifunctional key for ignition, Multimedia system(CMS): Audio / Video system with DVD player, USB port (MP3) and AUX port, service sets with air jets and lampsfor reading above each double seats, microphone fordriver and a guide, diagnostics on the dashboard (OBD),the FleetBoard Bus system for management fleet management, automatic climate device for area driver,EvoCoolTopAir integrated air conditioning for passengerspace, a common heating system air flow, p rotivpožarnisystem with detection lead and monitoring motorboatspace, Bi-xenon and high and low beams, LED dailybright LED ambient lighting The passenger compartment lighting rack, with the same control pressure in tires, theideo camera above Doors (2), panoramic camera image broadcast on a screen above the windscreen, f rižider infront work, toilet

For more detailed specification can read data from Setra S 516 HDH

Setra S 516 HDH 2013 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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