Toyota Cavalier 2.4G Sedan 1996 Design Interior Exterior Car

As a feature of a more extensive push to stay away from extra confinements on fares to the US, the third era model was quickly sold in Japan by Toyota under a concurrence with GM, badged as the Toyota Cavalier.

Beside the way that it was correct hand drive, the Toyota Cavalier likewise highlighted a calfskin wrapped move handle, directing haggle brake lever, more extensive front bumpers, golden turn signals for Japanese controls, control collapsing side mirrors, side turn flag repeater lights on the front bumpers, and covering within the storage compartment top.

Inside seats were frequently spotted with shading, and the back seat had a crease down armrest. Vehicles created from February through December 1998 were accessible with a calfskin inside outfitted with a programmed transmission as it were.

All models highlighted wheels obtained from the Pontiac Sunfire. The Toyota Cavalier was accessible in 2.4G and 2.4Z trim levels. While all Chevrolet-badged Cavaliers got a facelift for 2000, the Toyota did also with the refreshed focus support, head-lights/hood/front guard, tail-lights, and hues accessible. TRD made a body unit and back wing for the Cavalier, accessible solely in Japan. The auto was sold just at Toyota Store Japanese dealerships.

Toyota Cavalier 2.4G Sedan 1996 Design Interior Exterior Car

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