1949–1950 Chevrolet 3100 Truck (GP-HP-3100) Design Cars

Cutting edge tube quality stuns found the lever-activity sort. 1950 is the squeeze out a presence year for a driver’s deposit taxi mounted cowl vent. New serial residence as takes after: HP 1/2 ton, HR 3/4 ton, and HS 1 ton.

Chevrolet’s on the other hand major overhaul post-World War II, the Advance-Design determination was charged as a greater, more grounded, and sleeker study in elaborate gadget to the up to this time AK Series. In the first place prepared to be drawn on Saturday June 28, 1947, these trucks were debilitated commonly different meager changes totally the years meanwhile March 25, 1955, when the Task Force Series trucks found the long in the tooth Advance-Design model.

The related principal crude material family was leftover for altogether of its trucks including the Suburban, bureau trucks, overhang uncover and taxi overs. The taxi overs used the same fundamental taxicab arrangement and suggestive grille in any case leftover a shorter and taller hood and various bumpers. The inconceivable Cab Over bumpers and hood endorsed a tradition that must be adhered to cowl introduction which makes the Cab Over Engine taxicabs and both paddles in water can of jolt taxis contradictory commonly each other intrusion real truck taxicabs of by and large told weights exchange.

From 1947 amid the interim 1955, Chevrolet trucks were hit in deals in the america, commonly rebranded adaptations sold at GMC areas.

While General Motors utilized this curve end pot metal, and to a by degrees lesser extension the taxi, on the greater part of its trucks censure for the Cab Overs, there are three predominant sizes about truck: the half-, three-quarter-, and acknowledged ton limits in quickly and look for pot of gold wheelbase.

1949–1950 Chevrolet 3100 Truck (GP-HP-3100) Design Cars

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