1956 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible Design Interior Exterior

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible Design Interior Exterior – On January eleventh of 1956 DeSoto declared it had been chosen to pace the 1956 Indianapolis 500 Race. DeSoto picked a Fireflite convertible highlighting exceptional inside and outside trim components. The auto was furnished with an Adventurer 341 CID Hemi engine, creating 329 strength. A substantial obligation transmission and solidified suspension finished the execution highlights. This permitted the Pace Car to achieve a top pace of 144 mph. The inside and outside were sprinkled with liberal measures of gold trim, all of which were later utilized on the 1956 Adventurer. The Pace Car was regularly alluded to as a “Pacesetter,” a name brought about by DeSoto administration. Since the Pace Car was never assigned as a different model, no exact generation records exist.

The Fireflite was presented in 1955 as De Soto’s leader model. It was more extensive and more than past DeSoto models and it came furnished with a V8 motor creating 255 hp (190 kW) and PowerFlite programmed transmission. The transmission was worked by a Flite-Control lever situated on the dashboard. The auto weighed 4,070 lb (1850 kg) and cost US$3,544. AM radio was a $110 alternative.

The auto was best known for its long, decreasing tail blades, frequently highlighted by a two-tone outside completion. The inside offered seat seating that could oblige six travelers. The Fireflite had a 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) increasing speed time of 11 seconds and a top velocity of 110 mph (175 km/h).

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible Design Interior Exterior

The 1956 Fireflite had a more extended stroke, 3.80 inches, giving a 330 cubic inch removal. Pressure proportion expanded to 8.5:1 and power expanded to 230 hp (172 kW).[4] It made up 27.39% of DeSoto’s deals in 1956. Power seats were $70, while power brakes $40.

The Fireflite’s appearance for 1957 was overhauled with the assistance of Chrysler Corporation’s head beautician, Virgil Exner. The configuration was intense and radical with substantial tail blades, double oval fumes and triple-lens taillights. The tail balances were stylish, as well as settled the auto at high speeds.

A four-fog light framework was discretionary for both the Fireflite and DeSoto Firedome models in 1957. The DeSoto Firesweep polyhead V8s were presented with a drag and stroke of 3.6875 in (94 mm) X 3.800 in (97 mm). for 325 cid. The two barrel V8 was evaluated at 240 hp (179 kW) while the four barrel rendition created 260 hp (194 kW).

The 330 cid hemi motor was supplanted by a hemi which was 341 cid. The two barrel carburetor created 270 hp (201 kW). while the four barrel adaptation was evaluated at 295 hp (220 kW). Both motors had a 9.25:1 pressure proportion.

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible Design Interior Exterior

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