2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 Design Interior Exterior

DB AR1 is popular varieties of the DB7. Aston Martin’s most raised era volume auto. Both subordinates were and stay specific and collectable cars with only 99 tests of each conveyed some place around 2003 and 2004. The cars were the last consequence of the Aston Martin, Zagato relationship before the 2011 uncovering of the V12 Zagato.

In view of homologation issues the DB7 Zagato was not offered to the US market. To satisfy the interest made by the auto an one of a kind “roadster” adjustment was styled by Zagato, using the standard DB7 Volante case to overcome sort support issues. Called the ‘DB American Roadster 1’ (DB AR1) the open model was created after the auto and honestly last social gathering was done at the new Gaydon plant adjacent the first DB9’s.

Not at all like the auto the DB AR1 used the standard 6.0litre V12 from the DB7 Vantage with Touchtronic transmission. Styling was on a very basic level the same to the DB7 Zagato with the same boundless grille and twin cowls behind the front seats diminishing into the capacity compartment top, resonating the design indications of the ‘twofold air pocket’ housetop layout from the auto. Made considering a sunnier climate (the auto was only available in the USA) the AR1 had no housetop or hood covering at all just an essential storm spread to guarantee the calfskin inside when halted.

Interesting sneak top events were held to dispatch both Zagato subordinates. In London invited guests were exhibited the DB7 Zagato at a special social occasion held at Gieves and Hawkes, in Savile Row. The DB AR1 was showed up at the Los Angeles Auto Show, before being moved by road to a display in New York. Each one of the 99 automobiles of both models were quickly sold after these specific viewings.

2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 Design Interior Exterior

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