2011 Changan Chana Eado Design Interior Exterior Car

The Eado is a minor vehicle planned via Carminati Stefano at Changan’s Italian office. It is the generation embodiment of the Changan C201 work (“Meirenyu” or Mermaid) showcased at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. The need “Eado” was divulged at the 2011 Frankfurt apparatus appear. Conveyances in transit on March 27, 2012, commonly just the 1.6L/MT models accessible; the AT ones were pronounced freely in June that year. A bat of an eye iron stallion determination, a turbo-charged 1.5 liter, was multi handled in January 2014.

Two like a bat out of damnation renditions of Eado have been created. The Eado Hybrid utilizes a 1.5L gas motor helped by a 20.5kW nimble engine attracting fire midsection from a 144V 6Ah nickel-hydrogen substantial stuff pack; it asserts an affectionately intertwined fuel straightforwardness of 5.4L by the organization of 100km. The up and coming all-electric Eado will be prepared by the entire of a lively engine that can express out qualified 90kW of thing, and number 1610kg.

The hatchback story of the Eado, called Eado XT or “Zhishang XT,” was put into space at the 2013 Shanghai engine demonstrate and on August 28 that year.

body type 4/5 seater sedan/saloon
number of doors 4
Dimensions & Weights
mm inches
wheelbase 2660 104.7
track/tread (front) 1550 61
track/tread (rear) 1569 61.8
length 4620 181.9
width 1820 71.7
height 1490 58.7
length:wheelbase ratio 1.74
kerb weight 1325 kg 2921 lb
fuel tank capacity 52 litres 11.4 UK Gal 13.7 US Gal
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
cylinders Straight 4
capacity 1.6 litre
1600 cc
(97.638 cu in)
double overhead camshaft (DOHC)
4 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total
maximum power output 125 PS (123 bhp) (92 kW)
at 6000 rpm
specific output 76.9 bhp/litre
1.26 bhp/cu in
maximum torque 160 Nm (118 ft·lb) (16.3 kgm)
at 4000-5000 rpm
specific torque 100 Nm/litre
1.21 ft·lb/cu3
engine construction aluminium block & head
sump wet sumped
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1256.6 kPa (182.3 psi)
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 400 cc
aspiration Normal
compressor N/A
intercooler None
catalytic converter Y
power-to-weight ratio 94.12 PS/g
69.22 kW/g
92.83 bhp/ton
0.04 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 14.45 kg/kW
24.13 lb/bhp
engine position front
engine layout transverse
drive wheels front wheel drive
torque split N/A
steering rack & pinion PAS
tyres front 195/65 R 15
tyres rear 195/65 R 15
gearbox automatic

2011 Changan Chana Eado Design Interior Exterior Car

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