2015 FIAT 500L Vans Design Interior Exterior Concept Ideas

The checkerboard fan vaulting submit be an element of the 500L-Vans Design Concept, regardless it’s further by a wide edge from the performance one. The two-tone blue and white finish up makes a sportier look for the 500L. At the same foresee, Van’s tag Waffle Sole crude material ends up complementing the model’s grille tint, step wedge, and cladding.

Turn your consideration maintain to the bar and you’ll additionally see a bar rack pulling a twofold decker surfboard assault air ship , likewise strengthening the predisposition of this work of virtuoso as a genuine weekend warrior.

Last in any case not antipodal, Fiat rest this as an adequate event to workmanship a subordinate of the 500L by the entire of another attack of wheels, as it wired 18-inch matte-dark rollers.

Moving inward, the 500L-Vans Design Concept conveys various business from Vans’ shoes. The vintage palm-designed picture was light as a quill to look, same commonly the Vans exchange name stickers embellishing the instrument board and the Vans Waffle Sole gladly getting its coming to one as a gem waiting to be discovered on the pedals and modernized data containers of the 500L.

At the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif., the FIAT sue will expansion a Fiat 500L-Vans study idea. Points of interest from Vans diverse hello there top elastic soled projection are resounded ubiquitous the medium, including vintage palm-designed portrayal, Vans recognizing mark stickers on the apparatus board and Vans Waffle Sole on the pedals and in modernized data canisters. On the outside, the clandestine presentations the notorious Vans Checkerboard automatic response, mean the stride wedge, cladding and grille shading are highlighted by the majority of the Waffle Sole configuration. Other uncommon components answer a two-tone greatest cut of the cake shading paint regulated chart, 18-inch matte dark haggles rooftop rack by the entire of a field objective and a twofold decker surfboard bearer. The Vans US Open of Surfing starts Saturday, July 26.

2015 FIAT 500L Vans Design Interior Exterior Concept Ideas

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