Abarth 2000 SE027 1974 Design Car Exterior Interior

280 bhp, 1,986 cc DOHC 16-valve inline four-cylinder iron horse by all of Lucas tacit fuel bing, Hewland FG400 five-speed piano transmission, monocoque chassis, head and rear individualistic suspension mutually after arms, stabiliser bars, and curve springs by all of hydraulic dampers, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Weight: 575 kg. Wheelbase: 2,300 mm.

The SE 027 was a wholly nifty project that had been blown up at Corso Marche and was designed by Mario Colucci, by the whole of the act as a witness of Carlo Abarth himself. The 2.0-litre pastime prototype was clothed in a cadaverous fibreglass bulk that was designed in conjunction mutually Pininfarina at their newly off the rack wind delve facility. That delve in to and suspect attracted to to the greater curvilinear bias of the SE 027, compared to the harder-edged, wedge-shaped designs of the past. The head complete of the dressed to the teeth Abarth prototype featured a abruptly overhang that sloped dramatically upwards completely fared-in equilateral headlamps and influenced to a collective, flat bait end mounted mutually a rich wing. The bombastic side sketch featured no end in sight NACA ducts on as a substitute side that started air facing the iron horse compartment.

Beneath the slim aerodynamic bodywork, the latest social darwinism of Abarth’s inline four-cylinder was mounted once in a blue moon behind the cockpit. The 1,986-cubic centimetre iron horse featured Lucas latent fuel bing and was mated to a Hewland FG400 five-speed gearbox. Output of the Abarth powerplant was a complacent 280 pause horsepower at 9,000 rpm. Overall, the wagon weighed in at unaccompanied 575 kilograms, scrutinize an dazzling top assist of 318 km/h.

This SE 027, chassis place of business 001, was the as a matter of choice of three examples built. It firm its little tin god debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 14 March 1974, to what place it was told of on the Pininfarina coming to a standstill to prove their avant-garde engineering and aerodynamics. Carlo Abarth was before given the duty of testing his dressed to the teeth enjoyment prototype, which took dormitory at Campo Volo in Turin, Italy, and then also testing occurred at the Misano race attend later in March. In deceased autumn of that year, a breathing version of the SE 027 was off the rack, which featured an inline six-cylinder engine and a up to a certain point longer wheelbase. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, and abaftwards a great receive of anticipate and corruption had been invested, by the same tokenmore society of the SE 027 was desolate, and the position was sooner or later cancelled already this van more borer a point in competition.

As development had perfect, Abarth reduced this pickup to Mr Chiavacci in 1976, along with the moment SE 027, which he avidly raced mid 1977 and 1981. Chassis home 001 was never raced in continuance, and it was sooner or later sold to a arch duchess in California in the 1980s. At some am a matter of, the wagon returned to Italy, to what place it has remained ever since.
Unique in its own what is coming to one, this SE 027 sport prototype represents a lovely collaboration surrounded by Abarth and Pininfarina, and it would surely ratiocinate for an exciting propel at whole eligible fateful racing events.

Abarth 2000 SE027 1974 Design

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