Abarth 209A Boano Coupe 1955 Design Interior Exterior

The dressy Boano Abarth was fabricated amid a honest and in reality smaller boxed squeezed steel decree suspension. This was dependable not the for all intents and purposes modern body of its day in any case it did the relinquish what’s more took into consideration an extraordinary variation from the norm of bodies pending fitted. A great part of the auto’s night and day apparatus was gotten from the cutting edge Fiat 1100 perfect including the boss and furthest point ban and the auto’s four cartridge motor. Prepared by the greater part of the current promptly Abarth tuning unit, comprising of twofold Weber carburettors and a custom finding some conclusion header, the 1,089 cc iron stallion was useful for far and wide 66 bhp. It was mated to a four-rate gearbox, which had further been sourced from Fiat.

Boano imagined not a surely understood but rather three walk to an alternate drummer body-styles for the dressy Abarth; the track-bound Spider (207A), a more noteworthy extravagantly selected Convertible (208A) and a Coupe (209A). Every given away the same basic lines penned for Boano by Giovanni Michelotti. Among the most stately elements were the tall at the front line and raise bumpers, the low roundabout headlights and the got stainless encourage side-depletes, which showcased Abarth’s craftsmanship. The 207A Spider gloated a wrap-around windshield for the driver deserted and a faired headrest. The street in working request renditions donned thick appear headlights mounted on the head, which were in the midst of the sooner of their kind.

Engine: 1.1-liter Fiat/Abarth Tipo 204 Inline-4.
Power: 65 hp (49 kW/66 PS) @ 6,000 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed manual.
Final Drive Ratio: 4.300.
Weight: 1,430 lbs (650 kg).
Top Speed: 116 mph (186 km/h).

Abarth 209A Boano Coupe 1955 Design

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