AC Schnitzer Tension Concept 2005 Design Interior Exterior

AC Schnitzer Tension Concept 2005 Design Interior Exterior – The premise for the broad transformation must be one vehicle: the 507 HP BMW M6, which experienced an execution overhaul as the main advancement stage. Advancing the whole motor administration framework and fitting another AC Schnitzer ventilation system framework with exceptional impetus, sports back silencer with chrome plated tailpipe trims in right/left blend in “Games Trim Design” help the TENSION accomplish a fantastic 406 kW/552 HP. The Sports Trim Design will likewise in a matter of seconds be incorporated into the AC Schnitzer sports back silencer run solely for the new BMW M vehicles.

Significantly more forcing than the unadulterated motor force is the most extreme torque of 540 Nm at 6200 rpm, which pushes the driver back in the seat and slings the TENSION dangerously to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds. The AC Schnitzer Vmax delimiter implies that the quickening push proceeds to 325 km/h before the speedo needle can unwind, where driving conditions permit.

The TENSION body change is completely stunning, and is completely committed to upgrading the optimal design. A further point of convergence of the advancement was the change of the air supply and extraction for the force plant and slowing mechanism.

The upgraded hood of the AC Schnitzer TENSION uncovers at first sight – through its striking force lump and huge air outlets, that it hides a to a great degree intense motor which requires most extreme icy wind stream particularly at full load. Another absolutely new advancement is the front skirt which makes the TENSION look even lower and further increments downforce on the front pivot at high speeds. Its substantial air admission gives extra cooling to the motor and front brakes, and gives the TENSION its unmistakeable visual expression. To give extra venting to the V10 motor, huge air outlet openings have been given in the new front wings, where the 3 chrome plated ribs and LED flashers are reminiscent of a shark’s mouth.

Satisfactory wind stream is vital for the TENSION to build up its maximum capacity not just in the front of the auto: this rule normally likewise applies to the back. Thusly air conduits for the back brakes have been worked into the striking side skirts; these skirts not just give the TENSION a more prolonged appearance additionally guarantee an agreeable move to the tremendous back. The back skirt suits not just the twin fumes framework made absolutely of stainless steel with chrome plated Sports Trim tailpipes additionally a one of a kind underfloor wing development with diffuser.

The inside of the AC Schnitzer TENSION is a blend of improvements from the AC Schnitzer range which are accessible for some BMW models, and extraordinary coincidental items. The last incorporate amongst others the dashing seats in cowhide with AC Schnitzer logo and the carbon inside trim in Magic Orange. The 3-talked airbag sports controlling wheel in cowhide is likewise fitted. The selector gaiter and handbrake handle are done in Alcantara with dark creases. The arm rests in the entryways and on the middle console are done in Magic Orange cowhide to coordinate the paintwork. Velours foot mats with weaved TENSION logo finish the inside. The aluminum adornments comprising of pedal set, hassocks, handbrake handle and a spread for the controller of the “i-Drive” framework are however a built up part of the AC Schnitzer range.

AC Schnitzer Tension Concept 2005 Design Interior Exterior

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