AC Schnitzer V8 Topster Concept 2003 Design Interior Exterior

The premise is the BMW Z4 3.0i, in which however “no stone is left unturned”. The most striking optical component is the encased bodywork, now 13 cm more extensive, in hues orange/cream. The nurturing organ is the overhauled variant of the 4941 cc eight chamber, four-valve motor from the M5. In conjunction with innovation accomplice, Schnitzer the designers have furnished the TOPSTER with unique admission and fumes camshafts. The barrel heads have likewise been fine-machined, the pressure raised to 11.5 : 1 and the control unit is reinvented.

The reshaped cap with its unmissable force lump and air outlet, as of now ensures most extreme cooling wind current. Additionally another advancement is the front skirt which enhances downforce. Its huge air gulf with indispensable grille guarantees extra cooling for the motor and front brakes. Subsequently the side skirts house air channels for the back brakes. The massive back skirt obliges an underfloor wing, as well as the fumes framework. The extraordinarily created rooftop further strengthens the body of the V8 TOPSTER and builds up another body side line – like a roadster. The basic back rooftop wing in conjunction with the two-piece back wing enhances the downforce of the whole body.

The inside of the V8 TOPSTER is a blend of improvements in the extent accessible for some BMW models, and uncommon irregular items. These incorporate the dashing pail seats and the airbag sports guiding wheel, gear lever gaiter and handbrake spread which are made in Alcantara with orange sewing. A carbon-fiber inside and chrome plated spread for the standard move over bar and the aluminum adornments are however segments of the standard reach for the Z4.

The AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER was created as an innovation showcase. In the gear level and frame appeared here, this idea auto would cost around € 185,000.00. Arrangement generation is not arranged.

AC Schnitzer V8 Topster Concept 2003 Design Interior Exterior

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