Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 Truly Amazing Bus Innovation

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 Truly Amazing Bus Innovation – An innovative trainer and influenced by the best in classical and contemporary design, was created Alexander Dennis Coach Elite. Elite-style iconic buses are designed to bring passenger travel to new levels of sophistication, style and comfort, creating a safe and comfortable ride.

The sophisticated design and clever vision that Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 offers, Elite’s distinctive profile positively leads to the head and at the same time highly fuel efficient. Designed with an aerodynamic frontal sweeping aspect, the unique panoramic styling offers a new approach to passenger visibility while providing drivers with a class-leading vision to improve safety.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 4x2 2015 Truly Amazing Bus Innovation

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 is developed for passenger comfort, outstanding environment where Elite offers a wide and stylish entrance, guaranteed to impress passengers. The theater-style front seat with the open frontal aspect provides passengers with a panoramic view of its surroundings. The interior of Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 has been designed to maximize leg room and passenger comfort, offering multiple seating and hospitality configurations, as an alternative, where greater comfort is required, wide seat pitch for further leg room can be determined.

And driver satisfaction with the extraordinary visibility and security afforded by Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015. A distinctive panoramic front pane, heated with thermal and acoustic interlayer, provides exceptional visibility and helps safer driving. Electrically heated and adjustable mirrors, together with power-operated driver activation windows supported by screen curtains and heated.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 has optimal comfort with total ergonomic control. Superb driver / crew environment with fully adjustable custom-seat driver’s options and armchairs in large crew area. Individual driver’s air conditioning controls are installed for comfort along the way. Ergonomically positioned controls, a binnacle mounted gear selector, and easy-to-read dashboard panel allow for easy operation. Best entertainment and passenger information available including integrated satellite navigation for a truly smooth ride.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015’s chassis structure meets the ECE R66 regulatory requirements governing rollover strength. All skeletal surfaces below the waist carriage are treated with anti-corrosion protection. In the exterior panels are bound to the main structure. An aluminum rim-locked door with a single piece of aluminum leather, a hinged upper edge or parallel lift. Front and rear panel of GRP.
Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 has precise halogen headlamps, combined indicators and sidelight lenses; all installed in the cradle of easy access. LED indicator repeater light mounted on a single side. LED skirt level marker, LED marker for front and back of dome. Front fog lights.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 New Zealand

The Comfort of the Alexander Dennis Coach Elite 2015 is very exciting. Non-slip floor coverings throughout. Stylish tubular and glass doors with driver partitions. Microtrim fabric trims to the sides of the casing, rack, roof panel and trim insert panel. Individual parcel shelves with reading lamps and individual ventilation, air conditioning and personal locker drivers. LED interior saloon lighting with nightlight facilities, additional entrance area, and stepwell lights. Saloon climate control unit mounted on the roof. Theater-style seating configuration with 53 armchairs featuring armrest dropdown to gangway side, driver’s seat of air suspension. Comfort Drivers with ergonomically designed drive environments in easy solution completion. The instrument layout incorporates the standard chassis instrument standard binnacle.

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