Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 Ergonomic Design

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 Ergonomic Design – The stunning Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 brings operational as a transport coach with greater capacity and is able to significantly improve operational efficiency. The profile of Alexander Dennis Coach Elitei 2015 is stylish, distinctive and innovative interdeck design is guaranteed impressive, providing passenger comfort and new operational possibilities. Elite’s iconic style and comfort provide a premium passenger experience.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 smart technology means easy operation and efficient performance, with techniques that will optimize fuel efficiency, maximize available loads and increase your revenue by up to 23% compared to conventional 15m trainers. The innovative Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 design allows seating up to 71 in the upper cabin and a maximum of 4 and 1 wheelchairs.

Elitei has all the styles and charms that make Elitei a different icon. The efficient Ergonomics of Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 by presenting a cockpit that not only sees every inch of luxury vehicles, but also delivers control in the best possible way, ensures a stress-free working environment for drivers on today’s busy roads. Now available with a left hand drive, Elitei offers operational efficiency for European travel. Additional standard features include individual air conditioners and electronically operated driver blinds.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 Ergonomic Design


Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015’s dimension is 15m Length; width 2.55 m; high 3,960 m, with Optional integrated AC, High 3.82 m. Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 is built with 12% Chromium Steel 1,4003 welded stainless steel structure. All framework surfaces under waistrail are treated with major anti-corrosion protection and these vehicles are not in a two-stage process.

The Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 Exterior panel is a single composite front panel, tied to the main structure. Pneumatically operated in parallel, lifting the main locker door closer, manual parallel removal to side side access panel and hinged side panel. All aluminum cabinet doors are framed with a single piece of aluminum leather. The front and rear panels of the GRP, are tied to the main structure. GRP front corner panels. Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 exterior features such as the main entrance of twin leaves are wide and strong. The main entrance through the outer opening, parallel leaves, doors. Get into a wheelchair through the second leaf. Glass over glass double. All angular bumpers are easily removable and provide easy access to headlamp headlamps.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 has a curved glass side window, double glazed. The two horizontally laminated front sections of the display, fitted with a destination display where mounted. Double glass rear window. The driver’s side of the window is double glazed with a single electric glazed signal window. Two rooftops escape hatching. Main Halogen Exterior Lamp, combined LED indicator light and sidelamp unit with daytime running lights. LED indicator repeater light mounted on a single side. LED cantrail marker to the front and rear roof dome corners. LED back light.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 Ergonomic Design 2015 Europe

Interior Design Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 is comfortable where the anti-slip vinyl covers the floor all over. Touches are coated soft touch. Soft fabric trim to the sides of the casing and pack rack, the central ceiling panel is trimmed in soft fabric contrast, interior racks are deep interior trimmed with soft touch material. Each passenger service unit provides ventilation, reading lights, and an optional call button. Full length LED interior lighting with nightlight facilities and additional LED entry area and stepwell lights. Other features of Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 for passengers such as wide opening, twin leaf entrances; floor entrances in accordance with wheelchair access requirements; Washroom installed in the middle of drowning, W / C fresh water, handwash and hot air dryer.

Alexander Dennis Coach Elite-i 2015 with driver area with new design, GRP dashboard area with layered layers, ergonomically designed instrument layout by combining the standard instrument binnacle from the chassis. The rear camera is mounted integrally with the monitor mounted on the dashboard; driver and 12v accessory socket crew. Positive electric location switchgear controls the function of the vehicle. Premium audio system, AM / FM tuner, CD player, driver microphone on mounting microphone and flexible crew. The first aid kit is installed behind available glass options.

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