Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 Go Global

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 Go Global Alexander Dennis Enviro500 latest generation raises the standard in double deck technology to a whole new level. the new high capacity dual deck is designed for markets almost all over the world. It is an integrated vehicle that incorporates new bodies and new chassis, both designed in concert as one TOTAL vehicle with total focus on reliability, maintenance, best lifetime cost in its class, passenger comfort and safety.

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Asia Pacific 2017

All New Chassis Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 new chassis provides a whole host of benefits and added value for bus operators. Reliability Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 from the body and chassis and the reliability of the engine that has a high enough efficiency and become more optimal. Weight loss across vehicles is a major contributor to improving fuel economy. Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 is specially designed next generation, ZF Ecolife compact transmission, 350 liter fuel tank, ZF axle with front and rear disc brakes. It comes with a variety of combined weight reductions that are combined to create significant efficiency improvements. Excellent access to component maintenance and replacement has been designed into the new Enviro500.

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Asia Pacific 2017

The new display style and interior features of Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 is a great step forward for a high-capacity double deck, combining styles with a new, passenger-friendly layout. One of the most prominent new features of Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017’s interior is the ADL “SQUARE-CASE”, an imaginative solution that has the same footprint as the spiral staircase but overcomes the long and open decline of a straight staircase. It also provides for 10 seats in a flat floor area, increasing the total sedan seating capacity lower than 27 to 31. In the upper saloon there is a larger headroom and more additional seating, taking up seat capacity on the upper deck up to 59 , along with greater cooling of channels to improve passenger comfort. Lower seating Dennis Enviro500 2017 lower and gangway The entire driveline of vehicles offset to the left side of the chassis creates a passenger-free passenger pace that reaches the last row of seats.

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Europa 2017

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 is currently widely used as a common vehicle carrying passenger power is quite a lot in major cities in various countries in the world. There is little difference for each country that is tailored to the needs of bus operators in each country. Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 go global and tailored to suit each country as it is devoted to the continent of Asia Pacific, Europa and America. Quite impressive Alexander Dennis Enviro500 2017 because of its efficiency in operation.

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