Aston Martin GT-700R 2000 Design Interior Exterior

Aston Martin GT-700R 2000 Design Interior Exterior – This V8 GT Race Car was saw in the enclosure at the 2000 AMOC St John Horsfall race meeting. Whilst not a processing plant improvement all things considered, it has been developed by David Ellis who has been included in dashing Aston Martins for quite a while. The auto sits on a carbonfibre monocoque tub with a steel tubular front subframe and push bar suspension. It is dressed with a Carbonfibre Body inexactly taking into account the 1990’s Vantage. The front mounted Aston Martin Virage V8 motor with 4 valves for every chamber and race spec fuel infusion is intended to convey 700 bhp. Weight is a stunningly low 850kg.

I’ve been holding up eight years to see this auto on the track. The consequent presentation of the ‘Super GT’ race inside AMC Club Racing has finally permitted the auto to contend at the mainstream club gatherings.

Because of his dashing record in the past he has been drawn closer to plan Aston Martin motors and autos for different clients to race. Dave delighted in so much achievement and unwavering quality with his unique Aston Martin V8, that it turned into the point of convergence for his new venture the GT700R. Mid Front engined, with a Hewland transaxle in the back, the auto is impeccably adjusted, giving excellent taking care of, and phenomonal increasing speed figures.

Because of the shocking appearance, the brilliant outline, the fabulous force yield of the Ellis created 32V Aston Martin motor (see dyno sheet) furthermore because of the lightweight development of the auto the front to back equalization being is second to none the auto has accomplished remarkable results and by and large race wins in its first appearances on the circuit.

Aston Martin GT-700R 2000 Design Interior Exterior

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