Audi 100 (C2) 1976 Car Design Interior Exterior

The model had a liberal body with a drag coefficient of 0.42 and a low for the class of vehicle control weight. Dissimilar to its forerunner, no roadster was offered, yet later came the hatchback combi “Audi 100 Avant” available. The Audi 100 along these lines spearheading an advancement, as it was finished a brief timeframe later with equivalent contending models such. As the Ford Granada or Opel Rekord E, which additionally had no more roadster adaptation on offer.

To begin with pre-generation vehicles were finished in 1975 and despite the fact that these vehicles ought to be scrapped, yet one of the duplicates have survived. The past model was still a year until the mid year of 1977 created for the US market in Neckarsulm on the same tape as the C2 as a result of the US-successor, the Audi 5000, the homologation not yet finished with the strict US outflow and wellbeing enactment was.

The body shape outlined Hartmut, who was mindful to the 1990s for the configuration of numerous Audi and VW vehicles. The supposed “Toronado-line” which isolates the side edge and the focal point of gravity can show up optically profound, a configuration component of the new Audi 100. was the four-entryway autos were similar to the NSU Ro 80 back triangular windows that are normal of Audi outline. Front and raise windows were stuck to increment body unbending nature.

The inside outlined Ro-80 originator Claus Luthe] and the advanced in the 1970s shading palette in quieted cocoa, blue, orange and green tones was produced as a team with the Munich draftsman Paolo Nestler. This was likewise in charge of guaranteeing that at first no solid red was accessible (“Red makes avoidable animosity jolts”). Essential thought was to shield the vehicle driver of conflicting hues and to put more noteworthy accentuation on nature comparative shades. Not just does the upholstery fabrics were shading facilitated additionally kept the inside boards, the dashboard, the floor coverings and even the puzzle plate of the guiding wheel in coordinating shading.

Audi 100 (C2) 1976 Car Design Interior Exterior

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