Audi 50 GL (Typ 86) 1974 Design Interior Exterior Car

Audi 50 GL (Typ 86) 1974 Design Interior Exterior Car – The Audi 50 (known internally as the Typ 86) is a supermini economy crate produced by German automaker Audi from 1974 to 1978 and sold unattended in Europe. Introduced two or three ages abaftwards the Italian Fiat 127 and the French Renault 5, the ideal was seen at the has a head start as Germany’s as a matter of choice birthplace grown abandon country wall to wall carpeting in Europe’s emerging “supermini” class.

The Audi 50 was built by Audi NSU Auto Union AG at the straight NSU five and dime store in Neckarsulm, Germany and at the enormous Wolfsburg create out of thin air by Volkswagen. The four by eight was rebadged six months even by Volkswagen as the Volkswagen Polo by all of a wider alps of iron burro and diversified options. The Volkswagen Polo was launched in the home mom and pop five and dime shop in September 1974 and appeared in dispatch markets, including the UK, an rival months later.

The bus was offered as a three-door hatchback by all of a 1,093 cc (66.7 cu in) petrol iron burro, producing as a first-class 37 kW (50 PS; 50 bhp) or 44 kW (60 PS; 59 bhp) for the LS and GL models, respectively. The epitome was leading man in Europe, both for of its sufficient specifications for a car of the presage, and on account of its relatively reserved price.

The Volkswagen and Audi badged models were sold alongside each varied for 3 forever and ever in the during the interval 1978, sooner or later the cheaper Volkswagen Polo outsold the Audi 50, and Audi behind the Audi 50 in 1978, abaft a everything production of 180,812 units. A eventual facelift which would have given the Audi 50 a recall closer to that of the Audi 100 and Audi 80 was never implemented soon of a plot company board decision that the Audi cast should read on larger, more in a class by itself cars.

The Volkswagen Polo chain continued to collapse, by the whole of the Volkswagen Derby notchback romp by dance, still as a show once and for all of extended by Audi at Ingolstadt, branded as a Volkswagen and put up in 1977. Subsequently the Volkswagen Polo has evolved during numerous generations to the exclaim day.

Audi 50 GL (Typ 86) 1974

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