Audi 5000 1978 Design Interior Exterior

In North America, where 133,512 of the Audi 5000 C2s were sold, just five-barrel motors were accessible. The diesel was initially not accessible in California, as Porsche-Audi of North America was not able meet that state’s strict emanations principles. The normally suctioned diesel was likewise just accessible with a five-speed manual, an impediment in the American market. It was not until the 1983 presentation of the turbodiesel that these issues were amended. The 5000 had twin round headlamps for the initial two model years, after which they were supplanted by rectangular units.

In 1980 the 5000 Turbo touched base in the US. This model just conveyed 130 hp (97 kW), more than twenty percent not exactly the European spec model. Beside meeting the strict US discharges, this model additionally had lower help weight to have the capacity to keep running on the lower octane unleaded fuel accessible in America. While the Turbo likewise got a harder, sportier suspension, greater aluminum wheels, and other execution redesigns, it was additionally just accessible with a three-speed programmed transmission. Street and Track could achieve a top pace of 113 mph (182 km/h) in the federalized auto, slower than a normally suctioned European market 2.1 E. In the US, mirroring the Audi’s extravagance intentions, 90 percent of 5000s got the expensive “S” gear bundle.

Length: 4813 mm / 189.5 in
Width: 1768 mm / 69.6 in
Wheelbase: 2680 mm / 105.5 in
Fuel capacity: 60 liter / 15.9 U.S. gal / 13.2 imp. gal
Cd estimated by a-c: 0.42
Curb weight (without a driver): 1297 kg / 2859 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating GVWR: 1630 kg / 3593 lbs
Payload: 333 kg / 734 lbs
Engine manufacturer: Volkswagen Group
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type: petrol (gasoline)
Fuel system: indirect injection
Charge system: naturally aspirated
Additional features: Bosch K-Jetronic
Cylinders alignment: Line 5
Displacement: 2144 cm3 / 130.8 cui
Horsepower net: 77 kW / 105 PS / 103 hp (SAE net)
Torque net: 149 Nm / 110 ft-lb
Car power to weight ratio net: 59.4 watt/kg / 26.9 watt/lb
Car weight to power ratio net: 16.8 kg/kW / 12.4 kg/PS / 27.8 lbs/hp

Audi 5000 1978 Design Interior Exterior

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