Audi 60 1969 Desain Interior Exterior Car

Following the takeover of Auto Union group Volkswagen Mercedes-Benz, it was decided to abandon the name DKW for the only vehicles still produced for the name of another brand of the group, known for its innovations, Audi. To reduce development costs, it was decided from the base of the DKW F102 to develop the new brand model, the F103. The F102 was powered by a 3 cylinder 2 stroke slightly in line with the new image of modernity and the will to go upmarket. But before selling the group, Mercedes-Benz had developed a 4-cylinder engine for a future evolution of the F102 and it is this engine that is used in the new Audi. This modern 4-cylinder 1.5l develops 60 hp, this power thus gives its name to the first version of the F103. The front is completely modified to change the personality of the car and the new engine feels comfortable. In 1975, a change appears, with a more powerful 1.7L engine, the Audi 72. Next came several other versions, the Super 90 and 80 (with a 1.8L engine) in 1966 and finally 75 in 1969.

Audi 60 1969 Desain

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