Audi 90 (B4) 1993 Car Design Interior Exterior

Audi 90 B4 was offered only on the North American market in 1993-1995. From the European version differed completely different shape of the front and rear bumpers.

Equipment each version was virtually complete, model CS fee required only pearl or metallic paint, automatic transmission and a bag to carry skis. Such additives as electric seats, el. windows, mirrors, sunroof, electronic air conditioning and leather upholstery are standard. Auto occurred in only one engine – 2.8 V6 (174KM).

The 1993 redesign did not significantly affect the look of the Audi 90, though it did gain a few inches in length and offered fold-down rear seats for the first time.  ABS and driver’s side airbags were standard.  Along with the AWD feature, the CS quattro delivered a more sporty package that included a sports suspension, more body-supportive seats in the front, a power sunroof, and a rear spoiler.  A ski bag concealed in the fold-down armrest allowed you to carry wet skis while keeping the interior dry.  Audi is known for packing even its base models with lots of extras, and the 1993 90S and CS give you such standard features as fog lights, power windows and locks, power driver’s seat, cruise control, and heated mirrors.

It’s hard to find anything but good comments about the 1993 Audi 90.  From a solid feel behind the wheel, tight turning radius and maneuverability, nice engine power when you get to top speeds, and the way the quattro tackles rain, snow, and ice, drivers love their Audi.  The combination of sporty performance with luxurious comfort of the quattro makes commuting or road trips easy and fun.  The heated seats are a big hit.  Some complaints other than the high cost of parts and difficulty finding a knowledgeable mechanic include a so-so audio system and problems with the hydraulics.

Audi 90 (B4) 1993 Car Design Interior Exterior

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