Autobianchi A112 LX 1982 – 1984 Design Interior

The Autobianchi A112 is a supermini created aside Italian automaker Autobianchi. It was created by the office of a contracted story of the best in class Fiat 128’s stage. The mechanicals of the A112 legitimately supported the Fiat 127. It was affirmed in November 1969, as a vicar for the Bianchina and Primula, and was manufactured amid the interim 1986, when it made procedure for the all the more late Autobianchi Y10 (marked in for all intents and purposes trade markets as the Lancia Y10). More than 1.2 million A112s were delivered in Autobianchi’s Milan production line.

A fate of the bank card overabundances of the fifth chain were upside down for the 6th chain, which was affirmed in the harvest time of 1982. New smoother guards, softening of the wheelarch minimize, and a less at the forefront grille help brought fund a percentage of the hot off the press tastefulness of the A112, interval the inward was further around revamped. Another clever play by play arrived, the highest point of-the-line LX, which highlighted tinted windows, velvet bed trimming, workmanship windows, metallic paintwork, and an advanced heart organ amongst at fluctuation common luxuries. Mechanically, the LX was one and the same to the Elite, commonly the five-rate duplicate and 965 cc motor. The Elegant rendition was postponed, by the majority of the Elite reallocation its status in the lineup. The 6th arrangement additionally affirmed clever body-hued vents on the C-column, and the head corner lights were homogeneous into the obscuration of the guard.

This was the on the other hand A112 resulting showcased as a Lancia, genuinely just in Sweden and in Switzerland. In Sweden, this carton was all in by Lancia merchants. In the Swiss mother and pop store, the 903 cc iron stallion no more passed their stricter discharges gauges, so the Junior got the related 965 cc iron steed as did the Elite and LX.

Autobianchi A112 LX 1982 – 1984 Design Interior

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