Autobianchi Primula 1964 – 1970 Mini Car Design Front Engine

Autobianchi Primula 1964 – 1970 Mini Car Design Front Engine – The Autobianchi Primula is a mini car from the Italian carmaker, the Autobianchi Primula was built from 1964 to 1970. This car is famous as the first car with front wheel drive. Transverse engine mounting, and with rack and pinion steering. The Autobianchi Primula applies a new concept, namely the layout of the front wheels with transversely mounted engines. A concept that allows very efficient use of space. Besides that Primula Autobianchi appeared which became a car marketed to a new vehicle class.

Autobianchi Primula Coupé 1965–1968 Mini Car Design Front Engine

Autobianchi Primula’s body style with the car’s original body is similar to the “saloon” concept. Available with two or four doors and with or without a back door that becomes a hatchback. The Autobianchi Primula has four different types of combinations, which are referred to in Italian as “berlina”. In 1965, a year after the initial launch, this lineup was equipped with a Coupé model designed by Carrozzeria Touring.

The Autobianchi Primula is fitted with a 1221 cc engine from Fiat 1100 D. For Primula Coupé it was upgraded to 65 hp, but in 1968 it was replaced with a Fiat 124 engine. The Fiat 124 engine got 1197 cc 60 hp from the standard version, while coupé with 1438 cc 70 units a stronger cellphone. All machines used in Primula have an overhead valve (OHV). Later twin cam derivatives from 1438 cc units have never been found under the hood of any Autobianchi. Primula has a four-speed manual transmission that is placed at the end, and the differential is below it. Primula also features disc brakes on all four wheels, a safety feature that rarely occurs in mini cars of its time.

Autobianchi Primula
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