BAE Casspir Mk6 2011 Design Exterior Interior

BAE Casspir Mk6 2011 Design Exterior Interior – Combat hardware, As for other cutting edge shielded vehicle, the Casspir can be fitted with standard little ring turret or remotely weapons framework furnished with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm automatic weapon. Outline and Protection, The Mk 6 has the monocoque V-molded body of the fundamental Casspir, wedded to the motor, transmission, exchange box and the back part of the suspension of the Ural. The monocoque V-molded body is fitted to the skeleton, adding to the vehicle’s unrivaled mine/impact security.

The Casspir Mk6 measures around 7.59 meters long, 2.67 meters in width, with a ground freedom of 380 millimeters. Its gross vehicle mass is 14,320 kg and seats 16 group individuals. The straight forward usage of an aggregate business drive train guarantees moderateness of this fight demonstrated vehicle. The authority and driver are situated to the back of the motor compartment with the officer on the left and the driver on the privilege.

Versatility, The Casspir Mk 6 utilizes a 6×6 wheeled body with Ural suspension. The motor is mounted at the front of the vehicle. The Casspir Mk 6 is mechanized with a Ural motor model YAMZ 236 HE2 coupled to a 5-speed manual Ural transmision YAMC-236U.

Embellishments, An extra wheel is mounted to every side of the back structure. In every side of the body are six rectangular discharging ports and three substantial impenetrable windows. The troops enter and leave by means of two entryways in the back, both of which have an impenetrable vision square and terminating port underneath.


Armament : Light weapon station or ring mount with 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.
Designer Country : South Africa
Accessories : Spare wheels, firing ports, run flat system. In option : night vision,
digirack radio fitment, rear view and situational awareness cameras.
Crew : 2 + 14 soldiers or 16 soldiers
Armor : V-shape mine protected and ballistic armour
Weight : 14,320 kg
Speed : 80 km/h maximum road speed
Dimensions : Length, 7.59 m; Width, 2.67 m; Height, 2.99 m

BAE Casspir Mk6 2011 Design Exterior Interior

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