BJ40L Plus 2018 Cool Look Offroad Design

BJ40L Plus 2018 Cool Look Offroad Design – BJ40L Plus 2018 is an upscale variant of the Beijing Auto BJ40 L. Design that is very inspired by the Jeep Wrangler which is quite handsome and sturdy looking. The BJ40L Plus series is powered by the Swedish Saab engine. The BJ40L offers two types of Saab-oldies engines: 204 hp 2.0 turbo and 250 hp 2.3 turbo. Engine suitable for offroad combat vehicles that are tough and sturdy

The interior of the BJ40L Plus 2018 gets the biggest change compared to a standard car. It has a completely new dashboard and is equipped with a digital instrument panel, 12.3-inch standing touch screen, round air vents, wider central tunnel, and electronic parking brakes. The materials used in interior design are of sufficient quality, which is essentially to get the rider’s comfort.

BJ40L Plus with a pretty cool appearance with wide wheel arches makes Plus look with clear-ground which is quite high. But the wheels look a little too small. The roof can be removed completely for open-top-off-roads. Front design with shiny chrome grille between the headlights, but I like shiny items. Beijing Off-road spare wheel cover is standard equipment on the BJ40 Plus.

BJ40L Plus 2018 Cool Look Offroad Design

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