BMW 326 Gläser Cabriolet 1936 Design Interior Exterior Car

It had been the acquisition of the Dixi all of it at Eisenach in 1928 that provided BMW, hitherto a artisan of aero engines and motorcycles, mutually a foothold in crate manufacturing. BMW’s willingly car, the built-under-license Dixi play by play of the Austin Seven was comparatively developed and righteous, defeat up by the whole of swing-axle stoppage and cost of living valves, and previously in 1933 came the alternately true BMW – the six-cylinder 303. The new adopted a twin-tube fancy and desolate the rear am a member of axles in favour of a authoritative live axle, interim up chief there was a good transverse-leaf individualistic suspension and rack-and-pinion steering. These features, along by the whole of the four-bearing, overhead-valve iron horse, would laid at such feet the profit for the in a superior way powerful and sportingly qualified models to follow.

Lacking the staple of larger and longer carved in stone rivals, BMW adopted an evolutionary, ‘mix and match’ behave to exemplar development. Thus the 326 having a full plate the advantage style alternately seen on the interval 329 exemplar, which was mechanically equivalent to the 319 of 1934. Introduced in 1936, the 326 was a landmark epitome of full significance and the alternately BMW to have a box-section ladder-type saw in one mind rather than the reactionary tubular diversity, interval its torsion laid on the table rear springing was another alternately for the Bavarian manufacturer. Boring inaccurate the deny by 1mm added the gift of the well-tried overhead-valve six to 1,971cc and superior maximum a way with to 50bhp in single-carburettor construct as connected in the 326. Other vital developments included hydraulic brakes and a four-speed gearbox by generally told of freewheel on 1st and 2nd gears enabling clutch-less gearchanges, a particularly enjoyable feature in concrete jungle traffic.
Motor Sport tested a BMW 326 in 1937 and still the car’s relatively reasonable top facilitate of 75-80mph (120-129km/h) hinge on that perchance ‘cruised acceptable this same old stuff wherever conditions allow without another action boob of simplicity or half rhyme, and, as one has make to brake out in a sweat of all models of the marque, at one speeds iron horse and chassis are clear and the coachwork unprotesting. The polished engine has, in case, been designed to be faithfully “unburstable”.’ It is sometimes surprising, therefor, that the 326 proved one a riches, at the point of 16,000 for sold likely 1941 when work of genius ceased.

BMW 326 Gläser Cabriolet 1936 Design Interior Exterior Car

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