BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 Muscle Luxury Aggressiveness

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 Muscle Luxury Aggressiveness – It has been 20 years since the BMW 8 Series was available as a new model in 1997, but the good news is that it makes its way back into the lineup. The BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 is just the beginning to show that BMW 8 series is still in demand.

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 that combines muscle, luxury, and modern aggressiveness into one package. At the front gets a pair of large grille, which has excessively sharp corners for the dominating view. Large air dams and corner vents complete the nose of the car, while thin and slim lights give the car sufficient sex appeal that will make it jealous. The hood is long and floating in the nose while the sharp body lines make it look like a rumble.

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 side profile, there is a bit of cheerful appearance around the wheel arch equipped with a flat outline. The body lines on the fenders blend smoothly into the waist while the midline of the body has a wavy look at the back where the bait enters the thigh. The large vents on the front fender serve as a base for the underline of the body that runs along the bottom of the door and into the lower front from the rear wheel angle as well. On the roofline of BMW Concept 8 Series 2017yang low gives slim side glass accented by chrome trim and thin sided glass. In the back there is also a little plain in front. from the waist line that not only ties the car to its roots but also provides optimal aerodynamics.

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 Muscle Luxury Aggressiveness

The 21 inch wheels complete the side profile and adjust the body style with a dual-five-spoke layout. Body and deck assemble on the back to create a lip spoiler flanked by like wings and taillights BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 with LED one piece. The shape of the rear lights makes them look like 3D stripes on the headlights and provide the best 3D rear lights seen on a vehicle so far. Finally, the fascia does a good job in blending the fine elegance with aggressive style thanks to the concave corners leading to high ventilation. There are air holes like air holes between trapezoid exhaust outlets located right at the bottom corner of the fascia.

The interior of the BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 has a completely separate center console from the dashboard, the Series 8 Concept all linked together with a central pile that extends from the dash and lays the base of the center console. The Series 8 concept is all connected together with a central stack that extends from the dash and covers the base of the center console. The 8 Series Tunnel makes the high console sit a good styling and refreshing for BMW.

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 Muscle Luxury Aggressiveness

The dashboard itself is quite smooth with just one sharp design cue executed with red contrast stitching that connects the very back of the dash to the face. A gentle overhand cast a shadow over a cluster of fully digitized instruments accented by Alcantara on steering and steering columns.

The BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 steering wheel is referred to in a three-spoke unit with a deep-seated hub and silver inserts at the bottom, connecting the three radii together. The same silver trim can be found at the top of the door panel and around the corner of the HVAC ventilation triangle on the dashboard. Dash dark brown dashes and red contrast stitches carry over the console and the top most of the door timing panels, but below that, while the BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 seats have a unique layout with laminated and pitted halls and a few extra pads everywhere. just right to actually make the chair hug the body.

Based on the sound, it will likely be the 4.4 liter V-8 found in Series 7. In that form, the engine generates 445 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 480 pound-feet at 1,800 rpm. Enough to get the Series 7 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and up to 155 mph speed electronically arranged. When it comes to the production version of Series 8.

BMW Concept 8 Series 2017 Muscle Luxury Aggressiveness

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