BMW Vision ConnectedDrive 2011 Design Interior Exterior

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive study shows present and future strategies for versatile systems administration in an especially engaged manner. The configuration and innovation of this stupendous roadster are gone for making the vehicle an essential part of an organized world. Solace, wellbeing and the infotainment involvement in the vehicle can be correctly enhanced by the imaginative usefulness, independently customized to suit the prerequisites of both the driver and traveler. New advancements and outline ideas are utilized to add significantly more aspects to the unmistakable BMW driving joy.

The future has as of now started. At the 2011 International Motor Show in Geneva the idea vehicle BMW Vision ConnectedDrive will make its reality debut from third to thirteenth of March 2011. The main position in the car world involved by BMW in the advancement of imaginative driver help frameworks and versatility administrations will be further reinforced by this uncommon idea vehicle.

Spearheading innovation increases driving joy. BMW Vision ConnectedDrive puts forth its defense in a most convincing manner, exhibiting instantly entrancing, astute arrangements. The character of this idea study, introduced as a two-seater roadster, is one of a portable segment in an organized world, both in configuration and in addition by goodness of broad mechanical developments. BMW shows with this vehicle the one of a kind potential that can be acknowledged by both the present and future advancements in BMW ConnectedDrive, improving solace, security and the happiness regarding infotainment in the vehicle.

As a two-seater roadster accused of feeling, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is an especially changing, idealist translation of the trademark BMW dialect of structure: the long cap, the long wheelbase and the traveler compartment set well back appear to quicken the vehicle even at a stop. The hood and the windscreen stream into each other to shape a homogenous surface and supply the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive with a phenomenally level, donning outline. Inside these tight roadster extents, unmistakable, succinct lines stream over the rigid surfaces of the vehicle’s bodywork. The subsequent play of light and shadow gives a captivating and passionate character to this idea study. The expressive 20-inch wheels, molded in three measurements, underscore the donning, dynamic character of the vehicle.

The front of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive shows the run of the mill attributes of BMW configuration, with a solid level introduction, focusing on width. The kidney grilles and double, round headlights have been planned in an especially level manner and loan the front a dynamic, current expression. Underneath these, two huge air vents accentuate the width of the vehicle, giving it a distinctly lively look.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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