BMW Vision M Next 2019 Future Concept Car

BMW Vision M Next 2019 Future Concept Car – BMW Vision M Next 2019 is a concept car for driving pleasure in the future. The concept of the M-BMW badge model gives a glimpse into the future hybrid drivetrain. The Vision M Next 2019 concept is a pleasant design surprise. The BMW Vision M Next 2019 accommodates a number of modern style cues, including large grille. This element is placed very low in the fascia and has a slightly different shape, with a narrower bottom frame. The grille design is flanked by triangle lights, a first for BMW, which has a thin LED strip. The triangular theme continues below with large panels on each side of the center hole. Unlike modern production cars, this concept has no side vents. The only intake is in the middle, just below the grille, and it’s very large. The front hood design is very carved and features a V-shaped entry

The side design concept of the BMW Vision M Next with simplicity has a very short front overhang, while the front hood is as short as a middle-engined car. A-pillar is connected to the top of the front wheel arch. The door panel is as simple as the side skirt is higher than usual. Large vents carved into the back of the side skirts.

The rear design with Pillar C is thick and extends all the way to the deck lid, has a small vent just above the waist. The rear fenders are rather flat, but the diagonal character line marked by a two-tone paint scheme makes it look a bit more attractive. The C-shaped lamp is very thin and includes a small round lamp in the upper corner. The clean top fascia with bumpers is basically a large diffuser with carved “tunnels” on each side of the license area.

The concept of the BMW Vision M Next 2019 features new and experimental technology that is tested by BMW for production purposes. The front grille, for example, is covered by a transparent layer made of laser-etched, illuminated material that appears to be floating inside. Headlights and taillights debut a new technology called Laser Wire lighting. Lamps made of glass fiber are coated with phosphorus, a material that allows them to be formed in very small and precise shapes. Side skirts are made from recycled carbon fiber. And although this material does not look as original as carbon, it has an interesting pattern.

BMW Vision M Next 2019 Future Concept Car

The interior of the BMW Vision M Next 2019 is as futuristic as what they get. The cabin opens automatically when approaching the car thanks to face recognition technology, while the door opens when pressing the touch sensor. The interior is minimalist and driver-oriented.

The dashboard is almost flat and does not have all the features found in modern cars, such as A / C control or infotainment display. All important data is displayed right in front of the driver through a new interface called Boost Pod. This interface contains three different visual layers, starting with a wide and flat steering wheel featuring two small screens. The second level is a curved glass screen that looks like a stretch visor around the steering wheel. The third layer is the augmented reality head-up display on the windshield.

The curved display includes five clusters that display information such as rotation, speed, energy management, heart rate drive, and the availability of the Car + Boost mode. The latter can be used at the touch of a button on the steering wheel and release extra power from the drivetrain. A sensor warns the driver when Boost power is available.

It has two sport seats flanking a wide center console which only contains a few touch control features. Chair covered with a special foam fabric with a memory shape, while the headrests appear to float above the shell. The interior of the BMW Vision M Next 2019 concept also brings together materials that are not normally used in production cars. It features woven synthetic fiber, anodized titanium, while a painted surface replaces the skin normally found in premium cars. Some surfaces are covered with blue microfiber cloth that looks and feels like skin. Details and piping in Thrilling Orange complete the design.

Another interesting feature of the BMW Vision M Next is the red accent line that goes forward from the seat surface to the steering wheel and then on the Boost Pod, showing the ideal line of sight on the road. M Next also has a metal surface in Titanium Bronze and a gyroscopic cupholder. The roof structure is made of recycled carbon fiber, such as a side skirt and rear diffuser.

The concept of the BMW Vision M Next 2019 is a hybrid vehicle featuring a new drivetrain called Power PHEV. It pairs a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a number of electric motors. Vision M Next is all wheels are driven when both are used, but become a rear wheel drive vehicle when it only relies on gasoline power.

Vision M Next has a total system output of 600 horsepower. That is a notable improvement from the BMW i8, which produces 369 horses from a 1.5 liter three cylinder and an electric synchronous motor. The M Next is almost as strong as the M8, which gives hope for the future of high-performance hybrids with the M. Vision M Next badge fast enough, because it only takes three seconds to run from 0 to 62 mph. The top speed is also rather high for a hybrid that is 186 mph. When in all-electric mode, the M Next has enough reach to cover a distance of 62 miles.

BMW Vision M Next 2019 Future Concept Car

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