BMW Z29 Concept 2001 Design Interior Exterior

Enhancement of the vehicle weight by sending the most progressive cutting edge materials was the center of improvement for the BMW Z29 idea study. The model of a two-seater sports auto was finished by BMW Technik GmbH in 2001 and speaks to the climax of participation with another backup of the BMW Group – BMW M GmbH.

The vehicle applies captivating claim with streaming lines and lambo-style entryways. The standards hidden the exceptional capability of the BMW Z29 for element driving can be found under the motor hat and underneath the surface of the paintwork. The force was produced by the in-line six-barrel motor of the BMW M3 – around then an innovative benchmark and the traveler cell was made from carbon-fiber strengthened plastic while the back hub, and front and back module were composed in aluminum.

The Z29 is made out of carbon fiber it has the M3 motor with a yield of 343 hp. The void auto weights 1160 kg and with its four meters gives a raport of 7.4 lbs for each hp – a worth, which generally just numerous more grounded games autos like a Porsche 911 turbo (480 hp) or a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (540 hp) have.

The two-seat model Z29 weighs roughly 200 kg not exactly the Z4 Coupe, however with the aluminum back le the weight could be diminished by 30 for each penny to by and large 41 kg. Front and back module of the body are made out of aluminum. The entryways are made in secluded development and have an inside and an outer structure.

The Z29 has the M3-Motor moved into the center of vehicle and a six-speed transmission.
0-100 km/h time = 4,2 seconds
Top Speed = 269 km/h

BMW Z29 Concept 2001 Design Interior Exterior

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