Brabus Smart Roadster Bluewave 2003 Design Sport

Brabus Smart Roadster Bluewave 2003 Design Sport – The Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupé were introduced in 2003, based on the Fortwo platform with dimensions of 3427 mm in length. Both Roadster and Roadster Coupe are available with a removable Targa roof or an electric softtop. This roadster is powered by a 45 or 60 kW version of a turbocharged 698cc 3-cylinder Suprex engine in the rear, engineered by Mercedes-Benz. The Roadster Coupé only has a 60 kW engine which is more powerful. The steering wheel with Formula 1 style gear bearings, to control semi-automatic sequential transmission, is optional. Weighing only 790 kg, the Roadster is intended to provide the emotion of driving a sports car at an affordable cost.

The Bluewave 2003 Smart Roadster is available in a modified version of Brabus with increased power to 74 kW. The Brabus version has a different twin sport exhaust, lower suspension, polished Monoblock VI 17 “aluminum alloy wheels with 205/40 ZR17 wheels at the front and 225/35 ZR17 at the rear, front spoiler, side skirts and Brabus Interior radiator grille exclusive including trimmed leather dashboards, alloy effect accent parts, graphic instruments, leather / aluminum gearknob with starter button labeled Brabus, aluminum handbrake handle, aluminum pedals and floor Brabus labeled mats.

Brabus Smart Roadster Bluewave 2003 also features stronger clutch plate clamping and faster gageange. Monoblock wheels are known to be very soft and as a result are very easy to tie. The varnish on these wheels is also very bad, and corrosion can occur very early in the life of the wheels.

Brabus Smart Roadster Bluewave 2003 Design Sport

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