Buick Century 2-door Riviera Hardtop 1957 Design Interior Exterior

Buick Century 2-door Riviera Hardtop 1957 Design Interior Exterior – In 1954, Buick reintroduced the Century the usage of the equal system of mating the smaller, lighter Buick unique body to its biggest and maximum effective 322 cubic inch V8 engine with the cause of giving Buick a performance vehicle. Blanketed in the version lineup during this period become a station wagon version, a body style that were unavailable all through the Century’s first manufacturing duration of 1936 to 1942.

Delivered inside the center of the 1955 version yr the four-door Buick Century Riviera at the side of the four-door special Riviera and the 4-door Oldsmobile ninety eight excursion and four-door 88 holiday, were the first 4-door hardtops ever produced. This was the primary time “VentiPorts” appeared on the Century, a carryover from the Buick Roadmaster.

In 1955, the California motorway Patrol placed a huge fleet order for Century 2-door sedans, a frame fashion unavailable to the general public. It combined the unique 2-door sedan frame shell with Century powertrain and trim. Broderick Crawford become shown riding a 2-door Century sedan in the course of the first season of his famous syndicated television series “dual carriageway Patrol”. (In later seasons he’d drive a 4-door Century, like his actual lifestyles opposite numbers in the California dual carriageway Patrol.) power brakes have been non-compulsory. Tubeless tires had been new.

The Century remained Buick’s overall performance line, with engine energy rising from 200 (SAE gross) in 1954, to 236 in 1955, to 255 in 1956, and topping out at 300 from a bored-out 364 cu in (6.0 L) engine in 1957-fifty eight, the ultimate model years for the full sized Century line.

In 1956 the Century’s base charge became $2,963. Electricity home windows were wellknown inside the convertible. A padded safety sprint became optionally available.

Because the Century changed into taken into consideration the senior “small Buick”, the version obtained GM’s handiest hardtop station wagon, the Century Caballero, from 1957 through 1958. The Caballero proved high-priced to fabricate and unpopular with customers (most effective 14,642 produced for each version years), so GM did now not deliver it again for 1959. For 1959, Buick renamed the Century the Invicta.

Buick Century 2-door Riviera Hardtop 1957 Design Interior Exterior

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  1. John A. Morgan

    I have been looking for years for a 1957 Buick Special 2 door hardtop black and white exterior and interior for sale at a reasonable price. The ones that I have seen are asking WAY to must and the others really low BUT they are terrible underneath and the paint jobs suck.
    Would you look for something like the one listed above 1957 Buick Century Riviera or a Special.
    Really would prefer black & white leather interior.
    I know that is asking a lot but at my age (79) I can be choosy.


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