Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon 1957 Design Interior Exterior

Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon 1957 Design Interior Exterior – The Buick Century Caballero estate Wagon turned into located through Buick near the top give up of the marketplace. It featured the unique Buick styling cues, powered by way of the Century’s powerful V8 engines, and given a protracted listing of services and comfort items. They have been brief and delicate machines. However, the Caballero turned into produced for handiest a short time, lasting from 1957 through 1958. The auto had high creation prices which led to Buick canceling the Caballero together with the Century name the subsequent 12 months. The Century nameplate would be later revived and adorned on Buick cars whilst the Caballero name has laid dormant.

It became now not till 1940 that Buick added a wagon to their catalogue, although area of expertise builders had built bodies to important order on Buick chassis previous to that time. Although many producers limited their wagons to the decrease-priced collection Ford taken into consideration them commercial cars until 1939 Buick made them upmarket fashions. The introductory 1940 wagons had been within the wonderful collection, despite the fact that in 1941 and ’42, they moved down a notch to the forty-B line, the extra upscale of two special fashions. Constantly, even though, they had been referred to as estate Wagons, leaving absolute confidence as to their fame.

After global warfare II, Buick’s unique presented sedans handiest. The wagon reappeared as a wonderful and changed into joined with the aid of the longer-wheelbase Roadmaster stablemate for 1947. Bodies for each had been built with the aid of Ionia manufacturing business enterprise in Michigan. Through 1949, the timber sections appeared decorative however were, in reality, nevertheless structural contributors of the frame. What Buick lacked in being a Johnny-come-currently to the marketplace changed into greater than made up for with the last true wooden wagon in 1953. Following the groundbreaking Plymouth Suburban of 1949, all different producers had long on the grounds that long past “all metal.”

For 1954, Buick, too, went all metal, with two good-looking four-door estate Wagons, one inside the unique collection and the alternative within the reestablished Century line. Those services persevered into 1955 and ’fifty six, however for 1957, Buick had another trick up its sleeve. There has been a 4-door estate Wagon inside the unique collection in addition to a Riviera hardtop property Wagon. The extra upscale and greater effective Century supplied a hardtop wagon bearing the moniker Caballero, invoking a Spanish idiom. Interestingly, the Caballero turned into extra popular than both of the special wagons, with 10,186 built. A third seat have become an non-compulsory accent.

Purchased new thru William Murphy Buick in Culver metropolis, California, this 1957 Century Caballero estate Wagon is believed to have had simplest  private owners. Its first proprietor, in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, stored it until 2012, while it was donated to the George W. Bush foundation. At that point, it changed into fully restored by using Jay Leno’s huge dog storage and signed “George W. Bush #43” by way of the previous president on the inside of the driving force’s door. The recovery became executed by way of Leno’s team at no cost to the Bush basis, whereupon the automobile turned into sold to advantage the George W. Bush military provider Initiative, a charity for put up-September 11 veterans.

At restoration, multiple era touches had been set up, such as twin circuit electricity hydraulic brakes and antique Air climate manipulate. The six-passenger wagon has a large included storage nicely in the rear section. Different gadget includes electricity guidance, a radio, and seat belts.

Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon 1957 Design Interior Exterior

With styling stimulated via the Centurion ‘dream car’ from 1956, Buick fielded an all-new line of cars for 1957. This distinct new automobile become right away identifiable, with its sleek interpretation of Buick’s traditional ‘Sweep Spear aspect trim, full wheel openings and dipper rear beltline. Vertical grille bars, ‘Venti-Port’ trims on front fenders and vertical rear back lights were all in keeping with recent Buick design developments.

The bold Century Caballero estate Wagon – GM’s best and most highly-priced station wagon – wore Buick’s new styling particularly nicely. Specifically noteworthy is the overall four-door hardtop ‘pillar-less’ construction. Buick station wagon our bodies have been constructed by the Ionia frame agency, an impartial supplier to GM located close to Flint. The Caballero applied a 300 horsepower version of the Buick V8, enlarged to 364 cubic-inches for 1957, and Dynaflow computerized transmission with a new Variable Pitch function. ‘when time and desirable judgment call for it, you could transfer the pitch by way of flooring the pedal and contact forth a emblem-new protection burst of strength like you’ve by no means seen before,’ enthused Buick copywriters. The ‘Horizontal Redline’ speedometer could intently monitor ahead progress.

Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon 1957 Design Interior Exterior

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