Buick Century Estate Wagon 1989 Design Interior Exterior

In 1982, another downsized Century arrived, this time on the the front wheel pressure A platform, in coupe and sedan shape. In 1984, a station wagon was introduced to the lineup to update the departed Regal wagon. 1984 also saw an Olympic model of the Buick Century, commemorating the 1984 games in l.  A., California. In 1986, all versions have been “freshened” with a new, more angular front fascia. Wheelbase become 104.Nine in (2664 mm), with 189 in (4800mm) ordinary duration. Each 4-cylinder gas gadgets and diesel V6 engines had been offered in this era, despite the fact that neither became popular. Performance versions of numerous Buick fashions, such as the Century coupe, have been offered inside the mid-1980s beneath the T-type call. With Buick’s 181 cu in (three.Zero L) V6 generating 110 hp (82 kW), the Century T-kind’s overall performance was modest, however the three.Eight SFI engine, generating one hundred forty-a hundred and fifty hp (a hundred and five-112 kW), offered lively performance in this comparatively light-weight car.

In 1985 and 1986, Hess & Eisenhardt/vehicle Craft of Lima, Ohio transformed 124 finished Buick Century coupes into coachbuilt convertibles. Despite the fact that those convertibles were offered as new vehicles through Buick dealerships, these convertible conversions have been no longer manufacturing facility authorized. Within the eastern marketplace Buick couldn’t use the “Century” name, as that turned into already in use for the Toyota Century, so it became advertised because the “Buick Luxus” alternatively. Later it turned into bought in Japan as the Buick Regal at Yanase Co., Ltd. Dealerships for a brief time. The Venezuelan-built fashions were bought as the “Chevrolet Century” in South america and the Caribbean.

Buick Century Estate Wagon 1989 Design Interior Exterior

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