Bus Prevost X3-45 Excellence Design Inside and Out

Bus Prevost X3-45 Excellence Design Inside and Out – Exceeding Your Expectations is a passion, whether it’s finding new and smarter solutions or putting the finishing touches on our unique designs, we stand apart through our relentless pursuit of excellence. We know that your investment, passengers’ safety, and peace of mind are top priorities. Prevost® excellence begins at the design stage, extends through our manufacturing operations, and continues throughout the ownership experience at our Parts and Service Centers. A Prevost coach is a vehicle you can count on. No other coach can match the pedigree and legendary history of the iconic Prevost X3-45. The Prevost X3-45® has reached an unprecedented pinnacle that combines classic style, leading-edge technology, and superior comfort.

With the longest wheelbase in the industry, the Prevost X3-45 offers a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride from the first row to the back. Prevost X3-45™ boasts unmatched accessibility; its low overall height 134 in./3.40 m ensures easy access to a wide variety of locations and its roomy entrance with convenient full-length, soft-touch handrails and short staircase makes for stress-free passenger boarding. The generous floor-to-ceiling height of 80 inches or 2.03 meters provides the most spacious cabin environment in its class. When it comes to delivering an expansive yet relaxed long-distance travel environment, the Prevost X3-45 is in a class of its own.

Prevost AWARE is a state of the art safety system that can help drivers avoid collisions and encourage good driving habits. A daptive Cruise automatically adjusts the cruise speed of the coach, when cruise control is on, to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. This feature allows drivers to stay in cruise control longer, increasing fuel economy. Impact Alert signals the driver if the distance between the coach and the vehicle ahead closes too quickly, helping the driver to take action to avoid a collision. The Following Distance Alert reminds the driver to keep a safe following distance by indicating when the coach is following the vehicle ahead too closely.

Bus Prevost X3-45 Excellence Design Inside and Out - Exterior Layout Design Bus Prevost X3-45

Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Improper tire temperature or pressure is among the main contributors to tire failure. Prevost’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System samples temperature and pressure and also helps detect inner drive tire failures that are often overlooked in general inspections. It also contributes to improved fuel economy by helping operators keep tires at optimal pressure. Within a minute after initial ignition of the coach, the driver sees essential tire information, including real-time tire pressure readings. The system is fully self-contained with an integrated dashboard display and no programming or activation tools are required.

Above all, travel in a Prevost is supremely comfortable. This comfort is the result of meticulous design and execution, ensuring a serene and relaxing journey. A Prevost X3-45™ coach offers generous cabin space, isolation from noise and vibrations, optimal light and temperature control, plenty of storage and cargo space, thoughtful amenities, and the stable and secure ride that only the robust Prevost foundation can provide.

Bus Prevost X3-45 Excellence Design Inside Seat Passenger

The passenger environment control panel ensures passengers can control the temperature in their immediate environment via individually adjustable ventilation outlets. Each passenger also has a spot reading lamp and a call button. The aircraft-type enclosed overhead parcel racks have carpeting, lights and ample room. Additional amenities to help make the miles fly by include 110 volt outlets at each seat, a passenger accessible multi-function A/V panel for easy sharing of audio/video material and a generous distribution of monitors and speakers throughout the cabin. All this, and more, is built into every Prevost, to ensure lasting comfort every mile of every trip.

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