BYD Song Max 2017 Family Car Design

BYD Song Max 2017 Family Car Design – MPV segment has become one segment that is quite popular with many people, especially people who are in a country that has a massive population, China, and India. Although the MPV market is starting to interfere with products with the SUV segment, but still MPV has a number of charms that are unique and not owned by products with other segments.

Now BYD Song Max is back with a new design has a figure that seems much closer to the production version. It can be said that BYD Song MPV this is one of the most beautiful chinese products that do not plagiarize from other manufacturer’s products. There are some parties say that this car will be named BYD Song MPV or BYD Song 7 MPV which refers to the number of passengers.

BYD Song Max 2017 Family Car Design

BYD Song Max 2017 is enough to accommodate the needs of the market in the country. Going into the inner side, the interior of BYD Song Max 2017 is almost dark with some silver detail, which looks more matching with its sporty outward appearance. What is striking enough is the jumbo-sized portrait potrait that is on the center console, but the Tesla-style screen is only available in the highest variant only. While the lower variants will get a screen that size is smaller.

BYD Song Max 2017 itself will bring a 1500cc turbo engine that powered 154 hp and also a 2.000cc naturally aspirated engine that powered 140 hp. Both engines will be combined with a six-speed manual transmission and dual clutch six-speed automatic transmission, can be imagined BYD Song MPV is even already using a dual clutch. BYD Song Max 2017 will also present a spectacular variant with 303 hp power that holds a hybrid engine, but will appear in 2018. Cars design results Wolfgang Egger who picked from the VW Group itself is likely to be an interesting product in the automotive market.

BYD Song Max 2017 Family Car Design

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