Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 Sedan Aggressively Sturdy Design

Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 Sedan Aggressively Sturdy DesignCadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 is a high-performance sedan version under the V-Sport badge. The new trim combines similar CTS and XTS versions in the V-Sport series. Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 gets all the features with the new design, plus some additions to add a sporty impression on it. This new V-8 engine can be regarded as the main highlight CT6 V-Sport. The biggest change Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 is located under the hood, which is using twin-turbo engine, 4.2 liter, V-8. using the “hot V” configuration, which changes the conventional layout of the intake system and the disposal of the cylinder head to mount the turbocharger at the top of the machine. This virtually eliminates the turbo lag and reduces the size of the packaging machine. Until Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 is strongest with the 3.0-liter V-6, which comes with 404 horsepower and 400 pound-feet twist. In comparison, the V-Sport provides an additional 150 horses and an additional 227 pound-feet.

Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 borrows a styling element from the Escala concept and looks very different for the middle-cycle improvement. On the front with a new grille that is almost identical to the Escala. All Cadillac do is add a chrome trim. The sporty net with a honeycomb-like design replaces the regular CT6 lattice with a horizontal blade. The Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 headlights are slimmer and have a more aggressive design with a narrower and more angled side. Signature vertical lights carry with small changes but, because the headlights are slimmer, they look longer toward the lower apron. Other parts that change on the Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 are smaller side vents and sit higher in the fascia, as well as the layout of the intake on the bumper. Significantly, that gives the V-Sport a more sporty attitude.


Special upgrades on the Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 for higher performance models include black trim windows, more muscular side skirts, and unique 20-inch multi-spoke wheels wrapped in performance-oriented tires. The back of the Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 offers the most noticeable updates. The first thing that attracted attention was the new headlight design. While the vertical layout still exists, the lamp no longer extends to the rear window. The new rear lights join the new chrome strip that runs across the width of the fascia and descents toward the side to go under the lights. The V-Sport exterior is rounded off by the “V” front and rear badges.

Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 Sedan Aggressively Sturdy Design

The interior of Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 with sporty seat design and carbon fiber trim on the dashboard that has a “V-Sport” badge on mats and door frames. The high-tech features used Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 are enhanced with features like smartphones and a more intuitive interface. The 10-inch screen operates via a new rotary controller that includes volume and search for forward / backward controls for the audio system, as well as shortcut keys for quick access to the most frequently used applications. A large dial center can be used to operate the main features of the most frequently used apps, menus and scroll lists, and choose other apps to display.

Other features of the Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 include 4G LTE internet connection, Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance, five-watt wireless charging port, and infotainment inputs in the rear seat with USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi. CT6 also gets the second generation Cadillac Rear Camera Camera with a borderless design and zoom. As with the outgoing and standard models, the V-Sport benefits from the full range of active security features available, including Advanced Collision Warning, Alert Line Changes with Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward / Reverse Automatic Braking, and Safety Alert Seat.

Cadillac CT6 V Sport 2019 Sedan Aggressively Sturdy Design

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