Cadillac Model F Touring 1905 Unique Classic Design

Cadillac Model F Touring 1905 Unique Classic Design – The Cadillac Motor Company produced its first car in 1902. The 1902 Cadillac looks almost identical to the Ford Model 1903 A. This is no coincidence. 1902 Cadillac and 1903 Ford Model A was designed by the same person. The 1902 Cadillac is offered in either 2-seat Runabout or a 4-seat tour. Model F was introduced in 1905.

This is supported by 98 a cylindrical engine that produces 10 incredible horsepower. The Cadillac Model F 1905 has a radiator that is much more upright and a hood that is sharper than its predecessor. The front axle is now tubular and curved with a frame. Model F was only produced in 1905.

Automobil av märket Cadillac 1905. Ägare Harald Jonsson.

Specification Cadillac Model F Touring 1905
Engine Horizontal, with cylinder to the rear. One cylinder cast iron cylinder with copper water jacket
Bore & Stroke 5 x 5 in. (127 mm x 127 mm)
Displacement 98.2 cu. in. (1.609 liters)
Brake H.P. “Higher than advertised or calculated H.P.” Advertised H.P.: 9
Engine description Two main bearings, mechanical valve lifters
Engine numbers 4200-5000 with BE (1904), 5000-6600 with E, 6600-8200 with CE, 8200-8350 with ACE, 13501-13706 with ACE-special, 13728-14200
Carburetor Updraft mixer carburetor manufactured by Cadillac.
Brakes Mechanical brakes on two wheels – contracting on inboard drums
Wheels 12 spoke wood wheels (14 spokes on prototype) — 23 in.
Weight of two-door four-passenger touring 1350 lb (613.6 kg)
Weight of two-passenger delivery 1400 lb (636 kg)
Tires (Touring) 28 x 3.5 Clincher
Tires (Delivery) 30 x 3.5 Clincher
Wheelbase 76″ (1.93 meters)
Overall length 9′ 4″ (2.37 meters)
Height (Touring) 5′ 4″ (1.35 meters)
Height (Delivery) 7′ (1.78 meters)
Front/Rear Tread (Touring) 56.5″ (1.44 meters) [61 opt. (1.55 meters)]
Front/Rear Tread (Delivery) 56.5″ (1.44 meters)
Transmission type Planetary transmission
Speeds Two Forward (3:1 and 1:1) and one reverse
Controls low – foot pedal, rev., high – lever to right.
Clutch Low, rev. – bands, High disc clutch
Drive Chain drive
Differential Spur gear differential with overall ratio 3.1:1 to 5:1

Cadillac Model F Touring 1905

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