Cadillac XLR Neiman Marcus 2004 Design Exterior Interior

The Cadillac XLR has been known as nothing but a Cadillac Corvette. Properly, that’s a bit intense, however i will apprehend why its so. At first unveiled at Pebble seashore in August 2002, this changed into Cadillacs 2d try at a luxurious roadster to compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar. Unlike the unwell-fated Allanté, there was no luxurious transatlantic production line, nor became there an attempt to make use of a FWD chassis. No, this time it might be based at the evergreen Chevrolet Corvette, constructed at the Corvette facility in Bowling inexperienced, with production fees shared among the 2 models. Of direction, Neiman Marcus needed to have a Cadillac Roadster of their Christmas e book, so a confined version XLR became created, and turned into handiest to be had for buy through the 2003 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog.

This confined version XLR functions an exceptional ultra Violet outdoors hue, tone shale and ebony interior, and an engraved, numbered sill plate. Whilst Neiman Marcus opened bidding for this featured object on October 15, 2002 the XLR sold out in 14 mins, putting a report for any fable gift car Neiman Marcus ever showcased in its annual Christmas book.

Cadillac produced a complete of 101 Neiman Marcus constrained edition Cadillac XLRs; two were auctioned or raffled off to gain charities, St. Jude children’s studies hospital and the women’s Committee for Hospice Care and ninety nine had been sold thru the Neiman Marcus catalog. The cars retailed for $eighty five,000.

Cadillac at the time stated that the introduction of the XLR marks an important step in Cadillac’s product renaissance. It took the Cadillac Arts & science layout assertion to a whole special platform. Looking at the auto now, it wasn’t a awful layout, however it wasn’t truly a luxury roadster either. So is the Neiman Marcus Cadillac XLR a product that will become a hot collectible within the destiny, or will it become just every other Cadillac

Cadillac XLR Neiman Marcus 2004 Design Exterior Interior

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