Caio Atilis em chassis Mercedes-Benz 712E 2007 Design Interior Exterior

Caio Atilis em chassis Mercedes-Benz 712E 2007 Design Interior Exterior – The Mercedes-Benz by and by enhances in the business vehicle market. It is that the automaker has recently propelled another sort of vehicle for freight transport, the van truck. Development Mercedes-Benz frame Derived 712 And very asked for the transportation of qualities, the new vehicle comes as another choice for circulation in extensive urban focuses. With PBT (gross weight) of 7,050 kg, the van truck draws consideration by wide volumetric burden limit: up to 17.2 cubic meters, with net charge of 2,650 kilograms.

Another highlight of the venture is because of the preocupaão with payload security. The shut body guarantees less introduction of the products, while access to the heap compartment is done inside, without the need to leave the vehicle, which minimizes the presentation to chance. The new van Mercedes-Benz truck is outfitted with yet another sliding side entryway and front traveler which can be utilized for stacking and emptying of little volume, past the back entryway opening of 270 degrees.

Discretionary variant, the back entryway can be move on, which streamlines load movimentaões in thin places. Another remarkable element of the vehicle is the lower tallness of your floor in connection to the ground. That is, solace and comfort in every day operations for drivers and partners.

The new van truck was produced by Mercedes-Benz in association with Caio Induscar. As per the producers, the venture was roused by the customary American dispersion vans as the UPS, Fedex and DHL. For the improvement of the body of the van 712 E, Caio Induscar utilized in light of the recently discharged Atilis – uncommonly intended for scaled down transports and minibusses Mercedes-Benz. In her cutting edge plan emerge smooth and current lines, highlighting the brand’s star on the grille and the optical arrangement of round headlights. In setting, points out things, for example, split windshield; settled seat for the driver with longitudinal alteration of reclinaão backrest and seat stature; Fixed individual seat for the partner; inner parcel divider with framework; sliding side entryway; back entryways that open 270 degrees and wooden floors.

With 1 year guarantee with boundless mileage, the Mercedes-Benz E 712 case comes furnished with motor OM 364 LA 4 turbocooler chambers. It offers power 110 hp at 2,300 rpm and torque of 47 mkgf to 1,400 rpm. The swapping scale is Eaton FSO 4405A, manual and 5-speed. As of now body CAIO Induscar have two-year guarantee for the structure and 1 year for every other thing, with boundless mileage. Sort essential van with excited steel structure has steel plates and fiberglass roof, and roof Duraplac precious stone and side painted dark with secures.

Caio Atilis em chassis Mercedes-Benz 712E 2007 Design Interior Exterior

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