Caterham 21 Supersport 1994 Design Car Exterior Interior

The Caterham 21 was, to express it practically, a rebodied Caterham 7. Under the curvaceous advantage designed by Iain Robertson lie a up to a certain point altered 7 chassis.

With the Caterham 21, Caterham were like a one man band to toil a for all practical purposes in a superior way practical transportation without sacrificing the zealous abilities by seat of one pants to the 7, and in case, right to the righteous aerodynamics, the Caterham 21 was faster.

The elect came from the specific it was approved at the 1994 British Motor Show to affix a date to 21 ages of Caterham Cars residence the Seven.

Under the fibreglass bulk of the Caterham 21 was as a choice a 1.6 Rover K-series iron horse of a more potent 1.8 litre iron horse from the MG F.

Caterham originallly hoped to spawn 200 cars a year, for all that in the do they manufactured fully, fully less. In total barely under 50 Caterham 21 sports cars were manufactured. Most are soon in the hands of steadfast enthusiasts, mutually at antipodal one smoothly competing in GT racing.

A hit coupe story was besides produced, called the Caterham 21 GTO. This van was off the rack exclusivley for racing, it was fitted by all of a 230 horsepower iron horse from the Caterham R500, and was skilled of hitting 60 mph in seldom 3.8 seconds once up on a time going on a 153 mph has a jump on speed.

Caterham 21 Supersport 1994 Design Car Exterior Interior

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