Caterpillar MT4400D AC 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Caterpillar reports the new Unit Rig™ MT4400D AC Mining Truck as a major aspect of its progressing interest in the Unit Rig items gained through the procurement of Bucyrus International. The new D arrangement model coordinates a Cat® 3516C HD motor and the Cat 240T AC electric drive framework with the Unit Rig MT4400 to make the MT4400D AC.

The new truck influences Unit Rig’s 50 years of electric-drive mining truck experience and the a large number of units right now working in mines far and wide. The quality of the Cat motor and drive framework and Cat merchant bolster consolidate with the Unit Rig clear and simple to-administration outline to make awesome worth for mining clients. The MT4400D AC will be economically accessible in select locales in the second quarter of 2013.

The new truck and additionally its antecedent are in the prevalent 240-ton (218-ton) payload class and is appraised for a gross machine weight 865,000 lb (392 000 kg). The MT4400D AC assumes its position in the Cat vast mining truck product offering close by the business driving 793D and 793F to give an AC electric drive arrangement that addresses the issues of numerous diggers that don’t require Tier 2 discharges and who are looking for a mining truck that parities efficiency and working expense.

The MT4400D AC expands on Unit Rig’s a great many hours of field involvement with the MT4400 and consolidates and coordinates the undercarriage, hydrodynamics, electrical framework and suspension with a demonstrated Cat motor, AC drive and vehicle data administration framework. The Cat 240T AC electric drive train is best in class, proficient and dependable, and influences the a huge number of hours CAT has with AC drive in the lab and field, most outstandingly in the 795F AC, which was first appeared at MINExpo 2008. The drive prepare likewise influences Electro-Motive Diesel’s (EMD) involvement in inverter plan and assembling. EMD is a Caterpillar organization, and the exceedingly effective framework is Caterpillar outlined, incorporated and upheld.

The MT4400D AC highlights dynamic hindering limit joined with back wet circle brakes to convey administrator certainty and strong profitability. The ROPS taxi, wide get to stairways, footing control, and calm outspread retarder lattice with wide right-side perceivability improve wellbeing and further advantage the administrator.

Straightforward water driven frameworks, secluded parts, pressure driven gage bureau, assembled administration areas, motor narrows administration walkways and more ground available upkeep focuses decipher into less downtime and improve security for support professionals.

Right now there is a MT4400D AC working at the Caterpillar demonstrating grounds in Arizona, USA and there are a few MT4400Ds bound for operation at a mine in Mexico sooner rather than later. Extra data about the MT4400D AC will be reported when the model nears business accessibility.

Specification Caterpillar MT4400D AC 2014

Caterpillar MT4400D AC 2014 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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