Changan Chana CV6 2006 Design Interior Exterior

This is the other auto propelled by Changan Auto on Monday, the Chana Era CV6. It’s basically the same 5-entryway hatchback we found in Putrajaya in March 2008. It’s basically a Viva-sort of vehicle and the thing is it really is better than average to take a gander at. There aren’t any weird bumping plan signals that ruin the configuration, it’s straightforward, unassuming and maybe exhausting yet it’s not repulsive, nor does it utilize any odd examples like the triangles everywhere throughout the Naza Forza.

Going for the Premium adaptation will cost you RM 40,888 for strong paint and RM 41,394 for metallic paint, and you’ll get amalgam wheels, power windows for every one of the four entryways, ABS brakes, a solitary CD player with radio and a driver’s airbag. So it has ABS and an airbag secured, that is essentially how far wellbeing components can go at this portion. Clearly amid the dispatch period, you can get the Premium rendition at the cost of the Standard form as a starting offer.

The determination handle for outside air or distribution air for the aerating and cooling gave off an impression of being situated excessively near the dash and was slicing into the dash plastic itself. The dashboard plastic itself isn’t generally too terrible however parts where different pieces meet together were much too unpleasant. Some metal mounts and so forth were excessively uncovered like the jolt and joint where the seat and backrest interface together, and so forth. It’s a compassion as the outside doesn’t look too terrible.

Notwithstanding the shocking form quality, ChangAn knows individuals are additionally searching for mechanical quality and perseverance, so they’ve as of late composed this ChanaTrax occasion where a gathering of ChangAn vehicles including this CV6/BenBen drove from China to South Africa. That is an aggregate separation of 24,000 kms and there were some really high heights and harsh territory included.

Changan Chana CV6 2006 Design Interior Exterior

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