Changan Chana Q20 2011 Design Interior Exterior

Fuel-infusion draft frolic casing makes it weight opposing wear-standing up to. Thickened case firm by folded divider road is undoubtedly strong and tough.  Essential fundamental trim medium casings are made by crossbeam stock trade which is in restrictive oversee of trucks, as neatly as thickened and enlarged leaf springs determine it shroud in over-burdening limit.

Being prepared commonly CHANA JL466Q1 low relocation iron steed, 16 air-valves, 69 strength the way one sees it more grounded in a path with and ebb in fuel utilization. It had the imprint by the greater part of a red letter of fine and dandy the cream of little measured truck the whole shooting match of 2011 the Forth International Fuel Saving Competition of Trucks Held by China.

Front plate and back end drum work on braking course with standard setup determine its braking overwhelm shorter. Repaired by got on stopping mechanism specialists makes it shroud in braking execution.

Raised at the bleeding edge outline and boss front-wheel ratiocinate it more secure. The taxicab is as extraordinary as 1.6m, which gives the city specialist a more extensive respect and makes along the way unexhausted.  Trims of horseback rider vehicle process epitomizes human-minding. Unitary air string appended to something improves warm-air gloating.

Parameter and configuration table of CHANA Q20
Basic parameters
Size Exterior parameter 4650495016901980
Interior sizes of the container 270030001570320370
Wheel base (mm) 2900
Parameters of the engine Fuel type Gasoline
Engine displacement (mL) 1
Engine type JL466Q1
Engine power (horsepower) 69
Announced fuel consumption 6.9
Weight paarameter Rated loading weight (kg) 490,970,990
Basic configuration
Braking system Front disc and rear hub braking system
Loading sensing proportional valve
Tyre specification 175/70R14,185R14LT
Front suspension type Steel-plate spring non independent suspension, 5 widened and thickened leaf spring
Rear suspension type Steel plate spring dependent suspension, 6 widened and thickened leaf spring

Changan Chana Q20 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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