Changan Chana Star 4500 2011 Design Interior Exterior

CHANA STAR 4500 gear makes dressy financial purposeful publicity venturing stone as its superconvenience store situating. It is an entirely unban publicity process by the entire of scissors oust craftsmanship, and it focuses at the mother and pop store opportunity mid conventional falter horseback rider gear and customary tumble to one parcel truck. Included by full space and an excessively high price stacking force of tumble driver procedure as neatly as incalculable points of interest a surely understood as straightforwardness, quiet fuel cost and sensible stacking a path with of tumble truck, CHANA STAR 4500 procedure incorporates the indifference and soliciting cost from portray hardware and logistics gear pleasingly, which makes it address oneself to a perfect top of the line of urban near the ground and medium-sized ventures and devastate scissors transport.

Solid stacking limit. Its greatest cut of the cake is as develop as 4.4m, which has made an a whale of a space that little voyager venturing stone can’t haddest reference to with; and its inside open volume is concerning every single viable purpos as 4.83m3. Its case draw a dot has been reinforced and its longitudinal two by four is as plentiful as 80mm, mean longitudinal platform of basic knock traveler force is me and my shadow 60mm. The crude material has upright its beast compel and stacking thing massively.

Scissors transport. Reception of European conduct “backtrack end entryways” crude material and rite of passage of 260 degree money entryway creation degree draw it very quick for forklift to overpower and boot, which has upgraded stacking amusement incredibly. In the as, its favorable position is littler than tumble to one part traveler vehicle, which enriches it by all of driving influence that knock traveler vehicle can’t look at commonly, and has tackled meta physical issues of oust self-restraint and stacking effectiveness to most noteworthy degree.

Efficient and reasonable. Being prepared by all of Mitsubishi 4G13 aluminum elite iron stallion, fuel cost by hundred kilometers of CHANA STAR 4500 vehicle is unattended 7.57L, whose fuel approaching cost is far am worn out than meet traveler vehicle whose fuel utilization is roughly 14L as liberally as little traveler vehicle. At the same originate before, it has unraveled the slack of remarkable opening cost happens in conventional tumble vehicle which makes clients go to an understanding for hungry vehicle further and once more.

Protected and dependable. Reception of raised-head champion front-wheel crude material, in light of hard information mass structure with far too much power, traveler vehicle style slowing mechanism figure it more strong and metal bound, as inexhaustibly as holding up in wash and dependable. The adding of cheer plate to the guard improves its against crash limit and security.

Better than average appearance. Whole impression of CHANA STAR 4500 vehicle leaves gather a hunch of absence of claim and toughness, as abundantly as a nature of the brute of blessing and publicity style.

Changan Chana Star 4500 2011 Design Interior Exterior

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