Chevrolet Cruze Stock Car 2016 Design Interior Exterior

Since it is so slender, with not very many purposes of overwhelming in 2,278 m of its length, the official preparing, which set the beginning network, was profoundly expected Saturday. The shaft position was with the five-time champion Caca Bueno. Rubens Barrichello, Stock Car champion in 2014, will begin 6th. New during the current year is the way that there is no prerequisite to stop in the pits amid the race, which made the qualifying much more essential.

“It was an alternate day, since we begin all the work on Saturday, then, is everything pressed. In any case, drop in the main six is a great prospect. Tomorrow is a downpour estimate, so how about we get ready for this entire circumstance. In any case, my rating has begun totally content with the news of my two youngsters, Dudu (Max Junior classification) and Fefo (MiniMax), they won the Kart at Interlagos. I don’t know regardless of whether a profession, however now I am a pleased father all “observed Barrichello.

The reality of not having the obligatory pit stop was the highlight remarked the head of Medley Full Time, Maurício Ferreira.

“We had a trouble in the gathering of the controlling rigging framework, and this is taking the sensabilidade drivability. The 6th may have been exceptionally positive on the grounds that these issues. We will work for the race, which will be long, without ceasing, without tire change and will be exceptionally debilitating, ”

The verification in Velopark marks the introduction of the new fairing Chevrolet, the Cruze, which highlighted further the 2014 champion design Incidentally, the auto 111 was voted the most delightful season in 2016 in voting in online networking’s own particular Stock Car.

Chevrolet Cruze Stock Car 2016 Design Interior Exterior

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