Citroën Acadiane 1978 Design Interior Exterior

Citroen had up to this time utilized the prefix AK for its tumble to one part ads, so it was an unquestionable play on words to designate the AK Dyane “Acadiane” (comparable charge of dialect in French). There was no association on top of everything the play on words commonly the French-talking segment of Louisiana that is country to Cajun (Acadiane) cooking.

The Citroën Acadiane is a low huge commotion process got from the Dyane and unaccompanied prepared to be attracted left-hand move, created from 1977 to 1987. Creation totalled 253,393. The Visa-based C15 van even supplanted the Acadiane.

The Acadiane varied from the Dyane on which it was situated in having heavier-obligation slack, a to some degree adjusted skeleton and a back brake limiter whose come to pass was aggregate on the heap. The Acadiane was by the same token fitted by all of wind-down windows in the driver’s and traveler’s entryways. The Dyane case had on a level plane sliding windows.

The air freight was fundamentally 500 kg (1,100 lb), for all that taking care of was deficient when right stacked. The Acadiane was accessible in consideration (two-seater) comprise of or as a “Mixte”, commonly sliding furthest point windows and a removable back end judge seat. Citroen and numerous differentiating makers resume to this numerous a moon (Berlingo et al.) by the greater part of the other fish in ocean of back end seats in a vehicle without question outlined as a business. The Mixte form moreover had a voyager sun visor, missing in the superiorly fundamental business rendition. In line by all of numerous Citroen meet ads, the mortar of the back bodywork was layered to include likewise inflexibility at little cost.

The Acadiane traveled on the helpful easily and monetarily at 55 mph (89 km/h). Top repair in the four-velocity get into a physical altercation was constantly alluded to as overdrive. This had been so for the most punctual days of the 2CV. In close however no stogie circumstances it was remarkable utilized in that capacity. Advance maybe kept up in has a bounce on, yet by the same tokenmore speeding up was far-fetched. As the force plant flourished with revs, third firm a consummately significant rigging to justify up to 80 km/h (50 mph)

Citroën Acadiane 1978 Design Interior Exterior

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