Citroën C-Quatre Sedan 2012 Design Interior Exterior

Citroen drives the Beijing Auto Show and the striking immense “Number 9” additionally, and this deal inescapably, and restyling of the C-Quatre car, a vehicle grew solely for this nation.

Tastefully the new C-Quatre 2012 Assumed a front enlivened by the most recent era of C4 sold in Europe, while it remains the stage of the past variation. The same in the event that you see whatever else to get to the inside, dashboard with a couple changes and gets Maintains Instrumentacion in focal position and appropriation of all controls and to some degree obsolete.

Restyled C-Quatre car got diverse front (grille, lights and guard, and demonstrated on the more up to date models of the French brand), while in the scope of motors will stay not surprisingly. This implies Chinese clients still have a decision of 1.6L and 2.0L petrol motors (with 120hp and 143hp), combined with a five-speed manual or four-speed programmed transmission.

Those inspired by this model can pick between engine 1.6i 16v 120 hp With 143 hp 2.0i 16v or and in both cases With programmed transmission probability. Concerning the first run through Important it is this model may bring Xenon headlights, stopping sensors front and back, and control in all renditions of solidness.

In a nation where the veteran ZX still clutches remarkable hole it is that inexorably are items that can prompt security help, notwithstanding steady changes to decrease utilization of their motors. Coincidentally, unique notice for this new complete VTS demonstrate, that is striking incorporate complete streamlined outside pack in which no missing misrepresented back spoiler, guard stickers and brandishing more slippery small brightening of body.

Citroën C-Quatre Sedan 2012 Design Interior Exterior

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