Citroën C1 Urban Ride Concept 2014 Design Interior Exterior

Citroen has uncovered a fresh out of the box new idea auto slated to make a big appearance amid the up and coming Paris Motor Show. It’s known as the C1 Urban Ride and takes the type of a premium city auto with a collapsing fabric rooftop and hybrid rough components. Strangely, its introduction harmonized flawlessly with the business sector dispatch of the Opel Adam Rocks, basically the same kind of machine, however fitted with a German identification.

The C1 Urban Ride is obviously in light of the all-new C1, the second-era A-section runabout worked in association with Peugeot and Toyota. Knowing very well indeed that net revenues are tight and it won’t have the capacity to offer considerably more than 100,000 units for every year, Citroen is hoping to enhance with another variation. That is, obviously, in the event that it’s generally welcomed by people in general going to Paris.

We’re slanted to offer the C1 Urban Ride two go-ahead as of now. Its paint mix and lifted suspension (15mm or 0.6 of an inch) make it in a split second engaging. Maybe much more essential is the additional common sense and check mounting abilities. Besides, tough transportation is the thing that Citroen has been about since the 2CV.

Before we transformed city autos into pseudo-premium vehicles, every one of them used to have unpainted guards and tall suspension. Doing anything more than 100 km/h (62mph) on the parkway was alarming. Be that as it may, let us let you know one thing: nothing beats not thinking about dings on the guard.

Citroen says if endorsed for generation, the C1 hybrid would be offered both as a 3-entryway and a 5-entryway. One region where the French may miss the mark regarding their German opponents is in the powertrain office. Th most “astounding” motor offered by Citroen on this auto is the 1.2-liter VTI with 82 PS of 3-chamber non-magnificence. Opel, then, has a 1-liter turbo with around a quarter more torque that it can push up to 115 PS on the Adam Rocks.

Citroën C1 Urban Ride Concept 2014 Design Interior Exterior

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